“WiseCrack” Proves Himself Low on “Wisdom” but High on “Crack” in Vaccine Propaganda

April 20, 2024

An otherwise likable “WiseCrack” takes on the “problem” of “anti-Vaxers,” in a YouTube performance that should delight the pharmaceutical-government complex as much if not more than his Magic Spoons cereal sponsor.

To his credit, his propaganda is of a significantly higher quality than the kind of spew we might see from the likes of BBC and CNN and their own efforts to defame the sensible and researched with tribalistic and divisive language that separates “science” from “anti-vax conspiracy theorists!”

Whereas he does include some interesting history of vaccination and “anti-vax” sentiments, his arguments against vaccine critics are limited to defamation of a lineup of specific personalities, and his critique of these is, rather ironically, limited to baseless assumptions that their positions are disingenuous and motivated solely on selling vitamins and other “snake oil.”

Like most good propaganda his arguments are limited to defamation of a lineup of “very bad” people identified as “anti-vaxers,” with unsubstantiated claims that, unlike the cereal he’s selling in his own segment, these others are all forwarding disingenuous claims based solely on their “greed” for whatever money they might gain in paying their bills by sponsoring the “evils” of vitamins and other “snake oil.”

Whereas he’s also owed some credit since, unlike the bigger players that are pressuring everyone to take wild experimental shots that are years ahead of concluding their first clinical trials (in 2023,) he’s not offering inflammation inducing products like “free beer” or “free donuts.” His sponsor is pushing $50 cereals that are, to their credit, rightfully boasting standing as “GMO free,” and as strictly “sugar free” products, a lower glycemic index than most.

Ultimately, after sitting through the whole of the 26 minutes (so you won’t have to,) we conclude that “WiseCrack” as he calls his brand is rather low on “wisdom,” but high on “crack.” So that makes him about as “half right” in the realm of introspection as he proves himself on content.

A more specific analysis was presented directly to him in the form of a comment on his YouTube under the corresponding upload:

Seems you’re a bit light on wisdom and high on the “crack.” Whereas there’s a nice little partial history on vaccination and the skeptics, the rest of your piece amounts to smear at people with many times your expertise, and wild libel about your own ASSumption that they’re only guided by “chasing profits,” which could easily be said about your long cereal commercial. Any professional is ultimately “chasing dollars,” to pay their bills. Nobody that’s homeless and on the street or living in a tent is in a position to share their perspective.

Your smear on Wakeman was just parroting nonsense by a corrupted industry that attacked him with what were later proven to be lies. He was a well respected researcher credits on many major peer reviewed papers, and his main focus was on gastrointestinal issues that were observed in combination shots like MMR. These shots were ultimately PROVEN to be LESS “safe” and LESS “effective,” than individual shots, but were popular because parents that had appropriate concern on “how many shots” their precious children might receive in a “wellness” visit preferred to have “less shots.” You like to make “follow the money” the mainstay of your arguments to defame many parents who literally lost their children (for all intents and purposes) to severe vaccine damage.

You’re obviously not an immunologist, nor do you appear to be otherwise credentialed to stand in as any sort of “expert,” but setting that aside, you clearly know VERY LITTLE about the range of vaccine injuries that are well documented and even mentioned on the package inserts. The whole “herd immunity” nonsense you breeze past with…”MoSt hAvE tO tAkE FoR tHeM tO WoRk!” platitude isn’t as well understood as you believe, and you understand basically NONE of it. To liken those who decline shots as “CuTTiNg iN LiNe!” (thus “cheating”) is wildly dopey propaganda, and part of the whole basis for imposing risks on healthy children is rationalized by the FACT that some sickly children CANNOT receive the vaccination due to their own immune deficiencies, allergies, or other complications.

Furthermore, nobody but a fool would expect “herd immunity” to work when nobody ever closes the barn gates, and thus the #OpenBorders, also tolerated (even now during the “pandemic,”) and even CELEBRATED by lefties like you (appear to be,) make it especially absurd to force shots and to violate both hippocratic Oath and Nuremberg codes by pressuring participation.

It’s rather ironic that you simultaneously embrace the concerns over “patriarchy in medicine” being a big concern while mocking the mothers that suffer unimaginable losses as “hysterical.” For those who know about immunology, the current COVIDITY and the vaccination protocols the facts you appear to be most ignorant of are as follows:

1. Those who are not immunized pose exactly ZERO risks to those who received any shot whether it’s “safe” or not that’s “effective.”

2. With attenuated viruses used in vaccination, shedding can make the unvaccinated more at risk of exposure from the freshly vaccinated

3. There’s nothing MORAL about any system that imposes risks on healthy children for a perceived benefit of the sickly children.

4. The wildly corrupt and #DemInfested CDC has been caught in huge lies, including the subject of the clear and well established link between neurological disorders diagnosed or misdiagnosed as “autism,” and vaccination.

5. No two shots are the same in effectiveness nor in risk.

6. The present COVID VAX has never completed ANY trials (the soonest will be done in 2023) and these are only available under the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) and yet the #WhiteHouse press secretary #SuckyPsaki openly LIES that these experimentals are “FDA approved.”

7. With todays technology, you could gene modify someone with injections that would literally render their granddaughters infertile.

So with all the nefarious criminal business we DO know about with Fauci’s involvement with illegally funding the WUHAN lab, his nefarious past of killing a million with AIDS, and his investments that position him to rake in HUGE profits on the fraudulent aspects of the PlanDEMic he openly boasted about (on video in 2017,) call for MORE SKEPTICISM than EVER. Anyway, you’re not the worst person on Youtube but this last video does certainly damages your reputation, AND you’re contributing to a collective naivete based on tribalistic notions that “vaccines all be good” and “anti-vaxers are all bad.” I recommend you do a followup video and perhaps you can feature a Skype debate between someone like me and yourself to offer your audience a broader view.

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