Learn the Risks Before Your Next COVID Shot, or More Ideally, Before The First.

April 22, 2021
Updated April 23, 2021

This interview by The American with a professor of medicine cannot be shared directly into most social media, so this article is, in part to serve as a means of sharing by proxy. World-renown German-Thai-American microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi provides the best and most clear presentation of all the facts that should be absorbed by anyone and ideally before they volunteer themselves to a grand experiment.

After sharing generously to friends via text and on precious few social media pages that support free speech, I attempted to drop in the link on LinkedIn, and sure enough, the Microsoft Bill Gates goons that run that horrible webpage formerly known as a “career development platform,” returned an error.

LinkedIn has joined the Social Media Taliban in their application of one sided moderation to promote hateful comments by the left while summarily scrubbing any comments that run against this bullying.
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At this point, please show some sensitivity when sharing this. Those who already got the shot are divided into two groups. Some believe they made a personal decision that might earn them rights to take trips, explore national parks, visit friends, take off their masks. Others believe they fulfilled a civic duty, and now they need to require you to take yours, or their own shots will all be for not.

In all cases, individuals have lots of problems in life to deal with, and learning that they just made a “horrible mistake,” for taking a step they regarded as “an accomplishment,” will amount to another source of stress if not a form of torture.

When people respond with a “too late!” be sure to tell them to “please watch the video anyway as it explains what you can do to mitigate harm and explains why the next booster might be the one that devastates.

Also most parents are more concerned about their children then themselves, so, since the evil Frankendoctors are Stanford have only just started their vile experiments on 2-4 year olds, children 16 and under should be safe from pressure to take any COVID VAX until the Fall. The above interview also explains why this will be “bad timing.”

Individual reader’s thoughts are always welcome, but on such an important topic as this is for ours and our children’s futures, they are even more encouraged for this one.

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