The Highway to 2030 Will Be Paved with Many Corpses

May 12, 2021

Those who were even willing to entertain an unthinkable scenario of a Biden Presidency had no comforting “silver lining” to accompany a projection of utter despair.

And now even the slowest, and presumably even some who were among the few legitimate Biden voters, are beginning to arrive at their own realization of what’s been done.

The highly censored Mike Adams of Natural News lays things out less any sugar coating.

The very same terrorists and their vile handlers that attempted to blow up the Capitol Building in the 80’s are now fully in charge. The useful idiots remain idiot, and their elite oligarch accomplices have some lost time to make up to achieve Agenda 2030 in the year for which it was named.

A grinding poverty for all but the elite, is the plan for those lucky few to remain after the massive population reduction being assisted by mass vaccination of the “undesirable” populations that have been “spoiled” with too much freedom.

Those programmed to summarily dismiss anything that smells like a grand conspiracy might explain how it would be impossible to keep such a big and evil plan “a secret.” And the thing they apparently are incapable of realizing, is that it never was “kept secret.” All of the most openly anti-human agendas were all talked about, written about, and coded into UN documents, and the Georgia Guide Stones spell it all out in a manner that’s literally etched in stone.

Whereas many if not most average humans will recite the “too many people on Earth” programming they’ve received from a tender age in Communist run government schools, most of these, for some reason, have some difficulty believing the most powerful and elite might share these same views.

It shouldn’t be “a stretch” to realize that the global elite also believe there are “too many humans” as they’ve indoctrinated young and impressionable minds to believe via their control of public education.
Sterility of both males and females subjected to the Moderna or Pfizer “vaccines” is only part of the population reduction equation, since many will die within a couple years of their 2nd shot, and they’re already scheming 3rd and 4th shots for the “new variants” that are only a greater threat after trusting the current experimental “vaccines.”

Too much negative news eats at the soul, and so it’s only fair to offer that there are some optimists that see a much happier outcome than what the UN NWO schemers have been planning for us.

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