The Defamation and Persecution of Defense

May 9, 2021
Updated November 29, 2021

While the most vile and cold blooded of murderers get soft glove treatment based on their coloring and their legal status as “children,” one Kyle Rittenhouse faces life in prison for being a hero. The horror he and his mother face started when had agreed to help protect lives and property in a town near to where he worked as another sort of “life guard.”

The violent, armed and dangerous street army of the Democrat Party sure doesn’t like to see a young man stand up when their bureaucrat accomplices stand aside to allow wanton destruction of lives and property to be carried out as a political tool of the left.

And so after he achieves two righteous kills and mildly “disarms” an armed would-be-murderer he was invited by some good cops on the scene to make an exit to a safer environment.

He had no way to predict the coming theft of an election nor the degradation of and already corrupted system of “justice,” and now, in spite of a clear evidence of undeniable self defense, he’s now facing the most harsh sentencing imaginable for what any sane and rational peer would count as hero work.

At one point even sharing a Mark Dice video (best presentation yet available on the whole Rittenhouse story,) was resulting in strikes by the vile Mother Zuckerberg.

Before it’s taken from YouTube along with Mark Dice’s whole channel, you’ll want to watch and potentially download his analysis:

Merely sharing this YouTube to social media has resulted in strikes. It remains the best analysis of what really happened with Kyle Rittenhouse and the vile thugs he corrected with appropriate lethal force.

Of course in any otherwise normal world, such a grave threat of injustice would be met with a major public outcry and every form of support for the minor’s defense, but obstruction of that aspect of justice has an ally in the Social Media Taliban who has taken up their own campaign of defamation against Kyle as “a dangerous person,” and applying that as a basis to stop cold any reasoned arguments on his behalf on their personal webpages formerly known as “platforms.”

One FB Page established in his honor, “Resistance of One,” was prohibited from featuring his likeness as the profile picture.

More recently, a 30 day “Facebook Jail” was imposed for the mere sharing of a desperate mother’s plea for help received by email. And the page to which that was shared, “Corrupted Court,” was threatened with being “unpublished,” for the big “violation.”

Meanwhile, the same left that argues against capitol punishment are so fueled with hate by the lying media and their Social Media monopoly accomplices, these vile creatures believe even “life in prison” is too gentle a punishment for self defense.

And of course there’s a reason that the left are particularly interested in seeing Rittenhouse persecuted. He represents what we all should be. When the “bottom up” Street Democrats work their war against our middle class and the “top down” bureaucrats withhold policing, it’s the time that good and brave men stand up.

The left loves guns when they’re in the hands of their street criminals in Biden’s America.

And while today’s fully armed BLM and Antifa terrorists stop and terrorize drivers and other citizens, the “Biden’s America” team does absolutely nothing. Meanwhile in California, laws and sentences for using guns in violent crime are relaxed, while a mere act of pointing a weapon at their proxy army of BLM terrorists are treated to the most severe of sentencing possible.

This is all by design. Legalize crime, and criminalize defense is the vision of the vile global cabal that owns and operates Fake President Joe Biden. And unless there’s a miracle beyond any ordinary man or woman’s comprehension, we’re well past any hope of justice reform.

Meanwhile the twits on twitter that believe in no consequences for the Uber Driver murderers because they’re “just darling little children,” and the same that oppose capitol punishment in all other cases, believe self defense deserves a “death penalty!”

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