Turning “Blacks” Against “Goyem”

May 13, 2021
Updated May 21, 2021

Associating notions with nefarious groups is a favorite tactic of the left to defame truth seekers as “White Supremacists!” “Nazis!” and “Fascists!” Some of the finest Hollywood Films carry water for the creeps that run their swamp.

“The Jew is using the ‘black’ as muscle!” gets worked into a diatribe by “Illinois Nazis” before Jake and Elwood hit the gas and drop ’em into the river in a hilarious scene.

Such methods are used to discredit any who observe a certain quality of Communist’s own words and statements. Obviously no sane American cares to be associated with “Illinois Nazis” nor any other form of National Socialists.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t take long to hear that the notion being smeared as “Nazi-talk” checks out neatly against the particularly vile sort to whom we owe the domestic terrorists formerly known as “Weather Underground” and now, more generally known as the Democrat Party.

Here we have a vile Weather Underground terrorist assign credit to his “Jewish Upbringing” for his excitement about “black anger.” (at 4:20)

In addition to the above confession there are many sources to demonstrate where a certain quality of Communist derive excitement from and actively pursue “black rage” to achieve their political ambitions.

Saul Alinsky writes about his initial disappointment when he tried to capture “black rage” when, on his tour of chain rattling he encountered a rather dispassionate response to his incitement.

“You should be outraged at your living conditions!” would be answered, most commonly with (per his own writings,) with “Well, you can’t complain about what you don’t pay for.” During his early days in Rochester, most on welfare were rather appreciative for the “free money,” and their expectations of a glamorous lifestyle on the public dole were reasonably low.

In his book “Rules for Radicals” he details his efforts to change all that. And he explains his incitement of “black rage,” that would later be exploited by the Communist left to take down American capitalism.

Many of this specific flavor of Communist will quite literally put on the “black face” to more effectively incite “black rage.”

It’s important to note that the recent Capitol Kabuki orchestrated by Communists was sad and sorry Reichstag replay, and with their complete control of media no explosives, gasoline nor matches were required. And of course the real insurrection done by Democrats who now wear black face, was a plot that used bombs.

And of course with Obama’s help, this movement now has some Communists in a more genuine grade of “black,” to carry on their vile tradition of undermining, and the ultimate destruction of America.

The specific variety of domestic Communists terrorists have trained their Obamamites well.

BLM is run by and trained by the most vile sort of Marxists that remain funded by the most insidious of Communist devils of their ilk.

And of course the vile antics by their rage club are well rewarded.

And as for the woman in black face that’s soon to be “installed” as POTUS47, her campaign promise checks out well enough.

Before the false claims of anti-semitism are lobbed at the above presentation of facts, we fully support the very fine Jews that the left will gladly feed to the very “black rage” mobs they activated.

The same cats calling everyone else “anti-semites” are the ones feeding the very good Orthodox Jews to the very “black mob” they created and weaponize.

So, it also remains clear that the real “anti-semites” are the lefties and their allies.

It’s worth mentioning that, just like today’s Global Communists, Islam was a strong and dedicated ally to their National Socialist forebearers.

Interesting this particular specimen that was spewing the hate speech of Critical Race Theory using very direct language:

…literally died from being “full of shit!”

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