Diversity is a Vulnerability, Communists Know it, and That’s Why They Exploit It!

September 15, 2020
Updated July 31, 2021
ODP Staff

Philosophers going back to and before Plato and Aristotle all observed that homogenous societies had a functional advantage over those comprised with very different kinds of people, with different traditions, different perceptions of law, and different habits. Because of America’s strong common values and heritage helped us navigate through every form of adversity inclusive of a civil war, we had enjoyed exceptional success as a “melting pot” society, where “color” and “culture” became secondary to a common decency rooted in the values of what most everyone proudly described as “a free country.”

1969 Edward Griffin warns of the exploitation of America’s diversity by Communists to pit Americans against Americans based on racial differences.

Today we observe a great unraveling, and the diversity that was never a particular “strength,” wasn’t much of a weakness either since Americans basically helped themselves and one another. When Saul Alinsky made his first rounds in Rochester, he was bewildered that the “blacks” he planned to agitate were all pretty content. In his own writings he described that when he first approached them about how they should be outraged with their living conditions, most shrugged and returned a, “well, you can’t complain about what you haven’t paid for.”


At this point those relying on welfare were restrained with some humility and it took hard work for the Marxists to convince the category of net receivers that they should not only not be appreciative, but angered by the generosity they’d received via social programs functioning off money stolen from the productive American middle class.

Saul Alinsky was hardly alone and obviously the the Marxism has been spreading beneath the surface until Obama because President and, with his accomplice Eric Holder, began that “conversation about race!”

Many thought that the “First Black President” removed any doubt that “blacks” might be “held down” or “oppressed,” and so many “white” Americans saw a big upside to Obama’s win in the 2008 election. And obviously the other choices offered up weren’t all that appealing with Hillary being the primary contender in the primaries, and the RINO McCain that only served to make Obama’s win effectively unchallenged.

Ultimately many that thought Obama was a “good idea” who’s “time had come” to show the world and America’s “blacks” that we really were a country welcoming of all colors soon discovered that Obama was the very worst thing the country could suffer and that 50 years of racial harmony were about to become swiftly unraveled.

The problem with Obama had not a thing to do with the demagoguery and symbolism of “first half black” simply regarded as “black” for the purpose deceiving the public. It had everything to do with that he was a Communist, and the Soviets knew all about him long before he did had someone buy him a Senate Seat to serve as an “empty suit” in Congress as part of his grooming for the Presidency.


Under Obama’s America we were treated to the coddling of wild criminal conduct by “black youths” behaving as we might expect of adolescent males “raised” with no alpha model at home to reign in their aggression.

So-called “knockout game” became routine news where victims young and old, able and disabled were attacked randomly and even live streamed on social media. Meanwhile, the Communists began their latest divisive tactic of declaring all “whites” in America as “privileged,” which serves to offer an excuse to all others for any personal failing, and also to enrage the “minority” communities by declaring any success observed of a “white” schoolmate, colleague or neighbor as something that was “stolen” from them.

Marxism always degraded the human spirit by elevating the most base emotions of jealousy and spite as “virtues,” but Cultural Marxism replaced the simple “haves” and “have nots” with more narrowly defined groups based on hyper-racist notions of “oppressed” to describe all “minorities” excluding “whites” and more recently “Asians,” and “oppressors” as those outside of these “groups” deemed in need of special “protection” from an imaginary demon of “systemic racism.”

And of course race was only the beginning. Any suffering gender dysphoria are get credited as “being oppressed,” along with “sexual deviance,” and even those suffering “autism” and other disabilities can now claim points in the oppression olympics. These are then combined into a new line of “thinking” that describes “intersectionality.” Here someone that checks multiple boxes (gay, gender ambiguous, brown, etc.) scores a higher score in the new oppression olympics.

Cultural Marxism is the version 2.0 of Marxism where “haves” vs. “have nots” is greatly expanded into “oppressors” and “oppressed.”

Ultimately the CIA sponsored Helter Skelter that involved their tool Charlie Manson has nothing on the latest edition of divide and conquer. So society is fragmented into increasingly small pockets to be outraged at everyone but mainly those scoring the least on the intersectionality score board, namely “white, heterosexual men,” which also happen to be the most competent defenders of the freedom and liberty enjoyed by all colors and flavors of Americans.

Today there are simply no legitimate grievances to energize a Communist revolution with hyper-racism against the “privileged” class of “whites,” (and Asians,) so, we see questionable events that are statistically insignificant converted by the mass mind control of main stream media into flash points.

And for those who believe Biden is going to fix it there are two counter points to consider. Firstly, if he knew about that, he could certainly have told Obama since he was the Vice President.

And secondly, Biden’s own VP pick openly proclaims that the riots are not going to stop even after the election. She takes it further to say that they should not stop.

Now another important point is that the Communist playbook involves an energized base of Communists on the street (such as BLM and Antifa,) doing their “bottom up,” work of warring against the middle class, while their accomplices entrenched in the bureaucracy do their part with the “top down” by police stand down orders, catch-and-release policies by Soros installed DAs, to turn the target of their revolution “inside out.”

Glen Beck describes the Communist Playbook using Eric Van Jones own words

Many are realizing that we’re already in a war, but so far only the Communists are doing the fighting.

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Here the Obamas show how they switched from “One America” talk to the wildly hateful and despicable divisive segregationist language they deploy today!

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