Debunking the Left’s Favorite and Most Ironic “Private Company” Argument for Censorship.

July 15, 2021

The lefties are greatly disadvantaged in any public square with floating their poorly formed ideas. Under the most casual scrutiny, the veneer crumbles and they are left as exposed as the emperor (as they see themselves,) with no clothes.

What they lack for in morals they make up for indignation, and their lack of information and logic is compensated with the stubborn determination of a zealot. These qualities are apparent when they appear on a street. Any questions, or logical arguments they encounter are answered only with bullhorns and the chanting of mantras.

Online, their behavior isn’t much different, with repeating hashtags to game the all-important command of “twitter trends,” and, rather than to pause for a moment and ask whether they might actually be wrong about something, they get busy what few tools they have in their box. When calling everyone “racist,” or “xenophobe” or whatever of their usual insults fall flat, they get busy with reporting for “violations” of an increasingly nebulous set of “Community Standards,” that are then either selectively enforced, or, as is increasingly the case would only apply to conservatives.

Old school liberals might mock the contemporary leftist, and of course the spiteful and hateful nature of the hive minded Marxist is triggered whenever they’re made to feel even smaller about themselves.

And so they get busy with rationalization of their fascist behaviors.

Most are programmed with talking points to carry them beyond their own ability to discount any “free speech” principles on their own. And so they’ll immediately announce “private company” as the reason that their reporting and love of censorship is amazing. While others have a few extra levels of programming to explain how the 1st Amendment simply “doesn’t apply,” where most modern conversations happen, because it only expressly prohibits the government from silencing voices.

This tweet only became funny when his own account got suspended by Twitter some months later.

Like most arguments made by the leftist mind, they are disingenuous. They don’t believe “private companies” should have any power and they’d be the first to throw a tantrum if a giant monopoly ever tortured their accounts or scrubbed their posts.

All of these are at best open Socialists, and the worst are comfortable calling themselves Communists. Yet apparently “private companies,” that don’t have any right to exist, much less exploit workers, or abuse customers are cast as saintly guardians over the upholding of all that is good, pure and sacred in combatting speech that they don’t like.

Whereas separate but equal internet should be abhorrent to any American, the lefties try to keep up appearances by suggesting that another “private company” could setup a different “platform,” with different rules. But then, when Parler’s launch is attacked, they boast about the underlying lie.

The vile Emma Pollard acknowledges that she’s part of a “we” that told conservatives they “should” setup their own platform, but that it was a lie and that the censorship they favor should be on all platforms.

And ultimately, now the White House Press Secretary announces that they, the Democrat Party and their stolen Presidency are openly directing the so-called “private companies,” to do censorship on their behalf, which obliterates all pretense of a sound underlying “company rights,” argument that all but fools already knew to be disingenuous, false, and illogical.

Even if the government and one party in particular wouldn’t directing censorship by Social Media monopolies, the “rights” of a “private company” don’t extend into fraud nor a gross violation of rights of American citizens.

Furthermore, if a company opens up a website that they advertise as “platform,” and particularly when they seek specific protections from government to gain immunity from the liability for statements that are not offered protection by the 1st Amendment, they’re at minimum guilty of fraud when they change the model to become a “private website” or “publisher.”

They’re certainly welcome to start a new webpage that is “a publisher,” and then they’d be welcome to moderate all comments by guests as they please. But a “platform” implies “public square,” and may be “private property,” but it’s “property” of a “business,” operating as a public meeting place.

So, quite simply, the Social Media monopolies Twitter and Facebook are:
1. Not Private Companies but direct partners of the Democrat Party
2. Not entitled to defraud their customers by an after-the-fact conversion of “platform” to “publisher,
3. None of the Marxists that crave censorship’s arguments about “private company” should have ever been taken seriously.

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