Biden Family Values

July 22, 2021

Trump’s war on pedophilia which he announced just prior to announcing his run for the Presidency, was of great concern to the elite, since trafficking children for ritual abuse is a primary currency to their operations of world dominance.

Whereas most, (if not all) in key positions in their hierarchy ranging all the way down to and below the Presidency are active participants in the Democrat rites, most are able to abstain from overt displays of their underlying evil.

No doubt the elites got in a few good laughs by staging a coup via a fraudulent election to make it appear as though a late stage dementia patient a “superior” replacement for the President that threatened their whole game. However, such a condition interrupts the normal restraints that might keep unfortunate proclivities and habit from being put on open display.

Of course the base of the left will not even allow the most uncomfortable levels of showcasing interfere with their programming.

The rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

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