Capitol Kabuki Part 3: FBI’s Role

July 15, 2021
Updated August 9, 2021

Since Tucker Carlson called out the corrupted FBI’s possible role in the theater of January 6, others have followed up with their own research. Of course Tucker was hitting some soft spots with the “intelligence community,” and became the target of an NSA spying operation, and nobody at the agency has even denied their nefarious activities.

The next head of the hydra already proved himself an Obama asset when he lied to Congress about whether there was “any Antifa” present during the “insurrection,” as defined by a number of groups being literally RUN and DIRECTED by FBI plants.

Clearly they’d want to know about any whistleblowers that might have encouraged Tucker and his producers from doing investigative journalism inconvenient to the maintenance of the large lies presently told and upheld by the entrenched bureaucrats that Obama empowered to become unaccountable to any but the infiltrating insurrectionists that move up through the “Obama pipeline.”

Among those doing the good research is one “Mr. Reagan,” who has developed a following on YouTube, and his latest piece asks all the right questions, and accompanies most with good and compelling answers.

Enjoy this additional footage of video omitted from the liars of the left BBC and other media that cherry picked 40 minutes plus around this damning footage.

Note when this tweet is removed (as we expect,) please alert us in the comments and we’ll replace with our own copy.

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