The Cult of Fauci

Decemer 30, 2021
Updated January 1, 2022

One of the most insidious and destructive denominations of the Democrat Religion takes the form of an especially vile form of scientism that idolizes a mass murdering bureaucrat that even the left once despised for his murder of a million by AIDS in the eighties.

Some of the worship appears to invoke the most unfortunate of urges by the very men who suffered the worst of an earlier, and since forgotten round of Faucism.

The “gay community” were amongst those most critical of Fauci when he was busy with the mass murder of a million AIDS patients by his suppression of essential research.

An like most worshippers, a blind eye is turned to the horrible past of torture of both animals and human children.

A long history of fraud characterize this career bureaucrat’s career of opportunism under the guise of “science.”

The above timeline leaves out an important moment in January of 2017, where Fauci couldn’t help but openly boast that “the administration will face a surprise pandemic.”

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