A Brief History of Jacinda Ardern

January 2, 2022
Updated October 6, 2022

Arguably, the most vile man to ever wear a dress, “Jacinda” Ardern, overtly draws a sick and perverse personal delight from ruling with absolute tyranny over the land of sheep, New Zealand. This vile stooge of the global cabal first made her authoritarian manner a matter of public record in her “response” to the apparent inside job of Christchurch and the orchestrated “mosque shooting” and since then she’s been extremely busy making the island nation’s population painfully aware of what happens on the other side of “gun control.”

Celebrated by leftist kooks for “her” purported status as “first woman prime minister” of New Zealand, many have serious doubts about whether “she” is legitimately a “woman” of any sort.

But setting aside this creature’s unfortunate personal business, the sick pleasure taken by iron fisted tyranny and medical fascism as a full fledged shot nazi sets this one apart from any other Stalin, Mao, Hitler or Pol Pot. The devilish delight in reaffirming the authoritarian flare manifests in such a creepy manner, you can almost picture the blood of children dripping from chin as this creature boasts with the wide grin of a cheshire cat of the latest fascistic measures imposed on New Zealand’s citizens or specific punishments for the marginalized class of “unvaccinated.”

The great Paul Joseph Watson is obviously being quite reserved when he calls out these vile antics as being “creepy.”

There’s obviously much more bad to say about this horrendous specimen of Globalist Pricks, but for now, we’ll leave the rest to the comments below.

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At least we can count on Jacinda and her corrupt cronies to be the sole source of all that’s true.

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