What’s In Your Syringe? Graphene vs. Old School “Grain of Rice” Chipping

January 23, 2022

A large segment of the population is aware of the old push to “chip” people. Talk radio personality and activist Dr. Katherine Albrecht built her career on sounding the alarm bells a couple decades ago. During this time the chip was a primitive grain-of-rice sized implant that wouldn’t likely go unnoticed by the many that eagerly volunteered to render themselves cattle for some minor rewards like easier access to their place-of-work and a promise to be able to shop, and maybe start their personal vehicle without carrying nor keeping track of a purse or wallet.

Today any discussion of “chipping” via the current “vaccine” mandates is almost universally dismissed as “crazy conspiracy talk,” along with any reports of magnetism at an injection site. To help immunize the public from giving any thought to the concern, lying corporate media and the censors controlling all the Social Media Taliban websites formerly known as “platforms,” any proof, evidence or even opinions lending credence to the slightest departure from the official narrative is strongly suppressed if not removed from public discourse.

Whether it’s described in Biblical terms as a “mark of the beast,” or in secular terms as simple followthrough on a scheme by the globalist oligarchy to better manage humanity as their subjects, not one of the proponents has ever gone on record withdrawing the support of human-cattle tracking technology.

But thanks to the MK Ultra controls on both conventional and social media, the herd is well conditioned to cover their ears and eyes while chanting the mantra of good sheep, “That’s conspiracy theory!” Due to the mass formation psychosis achieved with the fear sold by the likes of Fauci and his fraudulent “science community” accomplices, few will pause to examine the plausibility of any claims that aren’t precisely aligned with their programmed views.

For those capable of considering all angles that have managed to retained what might now seem as sorcery of “critical thinking,” the above video presentation should give you a clear idea of what’s plausible and a basis for performing your own research. Any who have direct experience or information not covered in the above to share, please be generous in the comments below.

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