Book Review: Sapiens A Brief History of Mankind

March 24, 2022

The first chapters of Yuval Noah Hariri’s “Sapiens” are rich with a detailed and highly intriguing account of the origins of humanity. A gripping story of a more biologically driven mankind that, per Harari’s blending of research and speculation, preceded what he describes as a “cognitive revolution,” unravels some of the puzzle of our early interactions and even interbreeding with the Neanderthals that shared our world and our hunter gatherer lifestyle that Yuval appears to embrace as a more nostalgic and “sustainable” past.

He takes on the importance of common beliefs as made possible with early religion and the formation of written language that he credibly asserts began as a means of bookkeeping as required to do the accounting necessary for effective management of resources. He also reasonably describes concepts such as “corporations” as a useful “fiction” and explores how these “false” beliefs make possible cooperation between individuals and thus are owed all of whatever good or bad on might associate with the formation of a society.

The gripping pager turner aspects of this interesting journey from hunter gatherer, into the agricultural revolution that enabled man to do great good along with the bad (of man caused extinctions and genocides,) and one that also reshaped the path of other species (via domestication of animals and farming practices,) begins to descend into Harari’s own somewhat disturbing prejudices that become increasingly dominant from the first third to the half way point in this otherwise interesting written work.

It is at this point that the the book becomes almost unreadable, while it simultaneously becomes clear why the cover is so adorned by glowing reviews by some of the most diabolical villains known for their own crimes against humanity. One might wonder why the notorious Bill Gates’ review is prominently pushed to the top front of the book’s cover while Barack H. Obama’s own oozing of praise is relegated to a less prominent position on the back.

“how short things like agriculture” is grammatically incorrect. This may be why Barack’s “brilliance” got pushed to the back page rather than earning the front cover spot given to an equally dubious Bill Gates.

Seems the evil schemers of the NWO had crossed paths long before reviewing the same books and the establishment of the first Fauci-Obama labs responsible for their latest assault on humanity.

The plot takes on a whole new dimension beyond the pages of this interesting but perverse work of writing as Yuval takes a central role with WEF accomplices in the unfolding battle between the cabal and humanity in a race between “Great Reset” and “Great Awakening.”

JP (Mornings with JP) reveals that Yuval isn’t just a mouthpiece of the elitist utopian thinking, but an active participant in the vile schemes presently unfolding.

Yuval takes a close second to his mentor Klaus Schwab as a reptile of the unfolding NWO horror of “Great Reset” aka Agenda 2030.

Whereas I believe the book goes from wonderful and fascinating at the start and descends into a thick and slimy paste of Cultural Marxism and elitist utopian gobbledygook, it serves as an interesting reveal of progressive thinking and the underlying motives for the anti-human evil they are now unleashing upon the world.

And now that Yuval has revealed himself to be so personally engaged in the horrible agenda, the less appealing and even unreadable second half of what starts as a great book only becomes more interesting, at least when taking into account the “know your enemy” value to which the more laborious portion of reading might be assigned.

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