Fascist Arguments: “Deplatforming is Not Censorship!”

June 10, 2022

The racketeers at CNN are quite comfortable with open promotion of the most ridiculous lies to rationalize the insidious evil of censorship of all but their own serpent tongues. And of course the utter hypocrisy of so-called “Free Press” railing against the very freedom of speech leveraged to spew the most hateful lies to incite violence and lob defamatory attacks against men, women and even children can’t be conducted without some gaslighting.

Little Brian Stelter racketeering against Fox and gaslighting all in one segment. The wildly absurd Freedom of “reach” vs. Freedom of “speech” argument has apparently reached many with this crazy double speak.

So the extreme levels of racketeering against competing news brands is dismissed as “not censorship,” but just an implementation of somebody’s notions of which voices should be “amplified.” The evidence of the effectiveness of such mind rot is easy to spot on social media, where the new disciples of this ridiculous religion take this wildly absurd message to heart.

Here we witness the profound effect the likes of CNN have with their amplified voices on the mushy minded population they target with their programming

And whereas there’s much to say in response, the answer given in the same thread appears to encapsulate most of what should be said.

By first gaining clarification on what exactly is meant by such an absurd notion as “deplatforming is not censorship,” a more detailed and personalized response as demonstrated above is made possible

Of course there’s more to be said and it ultimately was:

Here the clear lacking of discernment on which voices might be declared unworthy of “amplification” by some authority is addressed.

And now for a few moments to recap all the harmful that’s been “amplified” with CNN’s own “Freedom of Reach.”

Calling out the amplified voices promoting censorship (for everyone else.)

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