Facebook Pushes Warnings for Sharing from “League of Men Voters” Page

June 14, 2022

Users are now treated to a warning on any attempts to use the share feature on content posted on “League of Men Voters” page.

Meanwhile, here are the real facts:

The “independent fact-checkers,” are, per courtroom testimony only providing their own opinions.


League of Men Voters has never, in history posted any content that wasn’t aligned with their own well researched opinions, nor has there ever been any dishonest game of “moderation” of any user comments that might offer a different point of view. The false claim by the fascists at Facebook is both baseless and libelous.

Nobody can even pretend to be “fighting for Democracy” that doesn’t support a “Democracy of ideas” on today’s public square aka social media.

The fraudulent business of selectively suppressing information and/or opinions shared on social media is very clearly one-sided. If one has any doubt, one only need to visit the Occupy Democrats page and see if they get jammed up sharing any of their posts based on a consensus that they are solely committed to spreading disinformation.

Even the wildly left-biased “fact checkers” agree that Occupy Democrats has a near perfect record for the spewing of strictly lies and ignorance.
seriously indeed…

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