Why “Price Gouging” is One of the More Insidious and Destructive of Accusations

June 15, 2022
Updated June 17, 2022

The frustrations that occur when Democrat policy or some other calamity leads to significant price adjustments is certainly natural. It doesn’t require much effort to deflect blame from the severe weather wrought by nature of politicians on the merchant and/or their suppliers for a “crime” of so-called “gauging.”

When the victims of natural or arranged circumstances face a $15 bottle of water of $10 gallon of gas as their only practical option, it’s all so very easy for the amplified voices of bureaucrats and politicians to convince them that they’re victims of the seller whom they believe owe them some big favor of incorrectly assessing an appropriate price.

Those with more critical thinking ability and some exposure to economics will realize that it’s not doing any sort of favor to spill out their entire supply until the customer that has the most urgent need for it arrives only to find an empty shelf.

On the realities about the CAUSE of the skyrocketing gas prices as they correlate to campaign promises by both Obama and his dementia puppet OBiden.

Perhaps it’s possible to imagine a scenario where you were presented a choice of shopping at the “Gaugers R Us” store that still has the “overpriced” baby formula and diapers, vs. the “Santa Claus Store” that will gladly offer you rights to peruse an empty shelf advertising “Gauge Free Pricing!”

Indeed, it’s the merchant being defamed and possibly facing “criminal” penalties by the “heroic” bureaucrats and politicians that’s offering the better service.

In a free market, free adjustments to pricing serve to communicate demand to the supplier, and supply to the demander. This two way communication has a proven track record since the day coins and shiny beads (as money) arrived on the scene to simplify direct trade and even before that.

Marxist Propagandists train consumers to snitch on the imaginary “crime” of so-called “price gouging.”

When water bottles go for $15.00 or $100.00 the urgency is conveyed to the suppliers that will accept greater risks to attend urgently to a heightened demand. And the artificial game of “price controls,” create only exacerbated hardship of empty shelves, disheartened merchants, and ultimately an unmotivated supplier. While politicians take a bow for their “virtues” manipulations, the comparatively luxury of “gauging” is replaced with something far worse.

Only the seltzer man, ol’ Breadline Bernout can tell such a joke of the disastrous effects of price controls as “a good thing.”

And ultimately, once the same Communists busily waging their war against Free Market, succeed at scapegoating “Capitalism…”

…the horrendous daily reality of “Bidenflation” will become but a fond and nostalgic memory to enjoy while we spend a whole day in line for some sad ration of biscuit batter, or while we’re dodging bricks and bullets at the coming food riots.

The fraudulent Indian spewing nonsense. Of course the fraudulent “millionaires” that rage about billionaires to shill for the trillionaires that print the money and collect the taxes would try to pass off her idiocy as some sort of deep wisdom. Meanwhile the Globalist Pricks run their War On Food and intentional #Bidenflatlation with impunity under the blanket of this foolish misdirection.


Here on the Date with Destinee Podcast (Episode 5,) author, technologist, survivalist, anarchist Nick Sky shares some advise on how you can help yourself, family and any other loved ones survive what’s coming next in the Communist war against America and Americans.

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