Mass Murdering Democrats Frame Trump for their Own Election Flu

November 4, 2020

No Fascistic movement is complete without projecting and gaslighting. And Democrats are the masters of both tactics.

They’ve done such a number on their base they all now parrot the exact same line about how “Trump murdered 220,000!” Were it not for the emotional behaviors of the leftist that adores being directed on every aspect of life, the sheer lack of logic might cause them to pause and reexamine their programming.

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Rigging 2020

November 4, 2020
Updated November 19, 2020

A resilient Donald J. Trump had overcome all obstacles starting with his first and miraculous win in 2016 and followed up with navigating through numerous coup attempts by a hostile elite establishment that included a weaponized flu engineered at the Wuhan Lab and efforts by accomplices here to exacerbate the death and destruction in its wake.

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Donald Trump Jr. Trolls the Left Hard with his Electoral Map Prediction!

November 3, 2020

The Trump family is blessed with many talents, and it’s clear that Donald Trump Jr. shares a gift with his father for trolling the left.

This one will undoubtedly trigger a few reactions from the left who, due to their TDS and underlying Democrat Personality disorder believe themselves the sole voices of the whole world.

With this Tweet, the son proves himself a fine prodigy in ascending to the greatness we’ve all observed through the President’s own Tweets!
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Banned by Facebook and Twitter, Dr. Mercola, Offers Tip: “Don’t Panic About Politics!”

November 3, 2020

Ordinarily it wouldn’t make sense to share stress reduction advice concerning an election on Election Day. But given that, based on massive efforts by Democrats to expand vote fraud as part of their latest “insurance policy,” results might not be resolved for days if not weeks from today’s voting activities, the great and highly censored Dr. Mercola’s tips for maintenance of sanity might still prove quite useful.

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Censorship: CIA-Google’s Scrubs General McInerney’s Testimony from YouTube

November 3, 2020

Within a few short hours of receiving a Youtube link, it’s been replaced with the dreaded Black Screen. Fortunately we were able to find an alternate copy they hadn’t yet scrubbed, and have preserved a backup copy for when that inevitably gets removed.

The primary upload was deleted within hours of having received it. This is a 2nd copy that will undoubtedly be removed by CIA-Google, at which point that will be shared directly here.

Voter Guide: Dublin, Alameda County, California

November 2, 2020

We’ve arrived at the following conclusions.

Excellent supporting arguments on the propositions are provided by Congressman Tom McClintock. McClintock on the Ballot Propositions.

Excellent arguments for choosing America over Biden is presented here:
Best President

Some comments on the Dublin City Council candidates appears here:
Mercury News: Nine Dublin City Council candidates focus on…

The following are images of a completed mail-in ballot and shared only as a “ballot selfie” to serve as an example to other prospective voters on how to complete their OWN ballots. Some States (outside of California) prohibit some forms of sharing as detailed here.

Isn’t it interesting that the engineers of voter fraud make special efforts to ensure an ICE enforcement free environment at polling places.

Audio: On Nefarious Hunter and Joe Biden China Dealings

November 1, 2020
Updated November 8, 2020

This won’t last on Youtube. A backup copy will be posted once it’s down. Meanwhile, listen, learn and make up your own mind.

This will obviously not last. Backup copy will be shared once it’s downed by CIA-Google’s Youtube.
And there’s much MORE to the story^

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Question: Who is the Best President? Answer:

October 31, 2020

Ever since Donald Trump came down the escalator to announce his run for his first ever political office, the establishment elites have deployed every possible resource at their disposal against him.

Many have been trained by their TV’s and social media to believe Trump had “stolen the Presidency” and is “out to enrich himself,” and all of their media puppets have been repeating that he’s “Hitler,” a “White Supremacist,” a “Fascist,” a very bad “womanizer,” a “rapist,” a “liar,” a “thief,” a “con man,” and especially a big “racist!”

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MoveOn Koolaid!

October 31, 2020

Projecting is a favorite pastime of those suffering the horrible effects of TDS and the underlying Democrat Personality disorder. And so it should be no surprise that they’d also be quite comfortable lobbing accusations of drug use and indulgence of a Koolaid Communion to everyone that makes them feel inferior online.

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Willie Brown’s Understudy – The Story of Kamala Devi Harris in Words and Pictures

October 30, 2020

Back in the 90’s I was invited to a Firefighter association event in San Francisco by a friend. He mentioned that Willie Brown would be there as a guest speaker. While waiting to enter, I noticed what appeared as a “hot asian” looking gal standing out front with wide eyes scoping the landscape like a cat in heat. Hers and mine made contact, but beyond that brief “connection” not much additional thought was given, and I had no way of knowing then that her presence at this event was closely related to the (then mayor) Willie Brown’s speaking engagement.

It was only years later that I began to learn about a super corrupt DA that was letting illegal alien murders off easy while going strong on prosecution of American citizens for minor marijuana “offenses.”

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