#LIBTARDMEMES – Republicans, 1956 Platform vs. Today

Occupy Democrats Parody
May 7, 2018

Someone on our Occupy Democats Parody FB Page was kind to deliver this #OCCUPYDEMOCRATS MEME for our assessment.

Let’s take on the 7 points one by one.

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February 6, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

A regular contributor of inane rants and absurd MEMES has revealed the depths of his #LIBTARDATION with what is a clear runner-up for the ultimate #LIBTARDMEME.

lyon republican hypocrisy ultimate libtardmeme

It’s really quite special since it helps to reveal the inner workings of the deeply #LIBTARDED mind.

Let’s examine each and every one of the #LIBTARDBELLS rung by the amazing Jerry Nelson!

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