The Danger of “Centrism”

January 16, 2021
Updated September 2, 2021

The words “extreme” and “extremist” are among the favorite emotionally charged words used by the powerful. It serves as a highly effective insult, to defame and disempower, any who might do a little too good a job at shining the light back on them. When it comes to a bloated government, only an “extremist’s” diligence can keep their power in check, as they do their own darnedest to probe and prod at our “centers.”

This notion runs against the grain of conventional wisdom, because of the aforementioned programming. And so it deserves some more detailed analysis.

Here we helped a leftist lunatic find their center via the above tweet that was deleted along with 50,300 others by the Social Media Taliban when they were just ramping up their campaign of censoring all conservatives.

We’ve all been, to some degree, well conditioned to feel strongly compelled to rethink things whenever a position embrace is branded “extreme,” and we’ve also just as programmed to readily regard with great scorn, anyone described to us as “an extremist.”

Many have also been conditioned to conflate “centrist,” or “moderate” with “reasonable.” And that further reinforces a false moral value of pursuing one’s own inner middle. And this yields dividends to those who hold enough influence to do the programming. The powerful strongly prefer a “centrist.”

Gladstone provides an excellent example of an extremist that’s “extreme left” and thus even worse than “a centrist.”

Yet the word “centrist,” itself, is an empty term that means nothing less clarification. Is the center of “full rights” and “no rights” a desirable goal, because it’s “not at an extreme?”

Some seem to believe everyone that’s not a Communist is a “Nazi?” So in that narrow view of a “political spectrum,” being “centrist” would seem to put one in the middle of those horrible ideologies.

“Centrist” more often describes the apathy of a sheep. It’s the attitude that enables a whole lot of government, to do a whole lot of whatever those in power would want to do for themselves. It’s just the “go along and get along” position that’s most useful to the establishment end of both parties. While we’re kept busy finding “common ground” between ours and some position that’s not ours, it allows them to turn up the heat while we’re left compromised, sitting in the center of their pot. And the “Centrist” frog is the one that is easiest to bring to a boil.

Liberty only stands a chance when we’re all more skeptical of government and adequately cynical about the true motives of politicians. And as long as there are the perks of power, the powerful will continue to elevate the mediocre citizen called “centrist,” while marginalizing the diligent citizen as “extreme.”

Certainly there are truly undesirable extremes, but there’s no amount of being “left” that’s “right,” nor is any amount of “right,” fairly declared any measure of “wrong.”

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