An Interesting Conversation on Twitter about #RUSSIANHACKING #SNOWDEN and #ENEMIESOFTHESTATE!

Updated January 5, 2017

Occupy Democrats Parody.

It’s certainly not new for #MOVEONCULT disciples to carry and rally for highly incompatible notions.  We’ve all witnessed the “gay rights” advocates that embrace Islam, or the “My Body My Choice” abortion proponents that believe in mandatory vaccination programs.

Very recently a new discovery was made.  An apparent “not a Democrat nor Republican” that with one breath decries a great “treason” against US voters by a committed belief in the inane and thoroughly discredited #RUSSIANHACKING narrative, while at the same time seeming to celebrate a Cuba-style lifetime Presidency of Obama as per the #HORRIFYINGPROPHECY of #BABAVANGA.

Of course the special case hadn’t yet answered how she resolves her deep concern about her passionate embrace of inane #MOVEONCULT notions like so-called #VOTERSUPPRESSION while cheerleading the latest WW3 play from the #DEMOCRATPLAYBOOK.


No Democrat Conspiracy would be complete without declaring heroes of the warm and wonderful humanitarians of the CIA.

And so, as if if the usual run of #MOVEONCULT rhetoric of and MEME deployments concerning Koch Brothers and even Citizens United wasn’t enough, this one asserts that the same wholesome CIA known for the “good works” of:

  • LSD experiments on populations
  • drug running
  • MK Ultra
  • rigging elections
  • installing puppet governments
  • assassinations of political leaders including JFK and MLK
  • sniping tots in Syria to destabilize for their…

…should somehow be taken as “honest” now that they are among the #DEMINFESTED 3 letter swamp agencies that are all facing a good draining.


It can be fun to remind Democrats that after these 3 letter agencies are restored to original purpose, the usual criminal suspects that characterize the Washington Swamp will not have all that much fun.  Many of the current allegations whether they be #PIZZAGATE or #SPIRITCOOKING will go from being just “conspiracy theory” or even “#FAKENEWS because the perps say so,” to full blown investigations.

Many Democrats and RINOs alike will face serious consequences including jail and potentially capital penalties.

It’s become common knowledge that the FBI is split between Democrat ideologues and a few good men that face threats, intimidation and ultimately to have any investigations blocked by a DOJ that’s become a Department of Obstruction of Justice.  And we even have an EPA that chases after clouds of CO2 while actively turning rivers to gold, poisoning whole water systems like #FLINT, DC, STOCKTON with #LEADLEACH owed to misuse of #CHLORAMINE.  A completely corrupt and #DEMINFESTED bureaucracy that destroys businesses, lives and the environment while demonstrating they cannot even keep their own hallways clear of Democrat excrement.


It should be no surprise that while Democrats and complicit conspirators hang their hat on the sheer “number of agencies” that prop up Obama and his inane and completely discredited #RUSSIANHACKING story, these same corrupted agencies would have some of their own ulterior motives for playing along less any presentation of evidence.  They and their globalist masters are, after all, at the center of “the swamp.” So if the transition of power to the man that both Democrats and their complicit RINO swamp creatures vehemently opposed were to succeed, they are about to be thoroughly “drained!”

Whereas to the common observer starting WW3 by going on an offensive against our post-cold-war ally Russia may seem extreme, here are a few things we must consider to make some sense of the war with Russia so desperately sought by the globalist cabal.

  • Putin is clearly not cooperating with global cabal
  • The elite are seeing middle fingers from around the globe
  • Many of their more visible operators face arrest and worse for their crimes
  • The same vile cabal has shown an itch for nuclear warfare
  • WW3 has long been part of their larger plan to enslave humanity under NWO
Hillary literally campaigned FOR drafting daughters to fight “Russian Bigotry” and presumably “body shaming.”  Had we not narrowly averted a catastrophe of another Clinton Presidency, we’d already have secured the globalist blood lust of WW3 AGAINST our ally in the battle we should be fighting against Hillary and Obama’s baby ISIS.

More to come as the conversation continues, but there will be plenty to discuss about this amazing expression of the deep #COGNITIVEDISSONANCE that characterizes the mental illness of liberalism.


And whereas I’ve more recently learned she is “not a Democrat” so far she appears not to miss ANY of the Democrat #MOVEONCULT doctrinaire checkmarks.  There would seem to be not a single leftist buzzword bell left un-rung.

Each one of these talking points demonstrates true commitment if not her readiness to be otherwise “committed” to a nice liberal #SAFESPACE with #SNOWFLAKES.



And here we go again… renewed commitment to the original talking points that paint our friend as a full fledged Democrat Doctrinaire. 

This latest installment of doubling down was disappointing since just prior we almost seemed to be making some progress in gaining acceptance that the #RUSSIANHACKING hoax pushed by the #POSPOTUS #OBAMA was yet another expression of #FAKENEWS.

A glimmer of hope in the form of acknowledgement that she might accept the #RUSSIANHACKING as a hoax.

(work in progress… more to come as the conversation continues.  You can JOIN the fun on TWITTER here!)

©2017 Occupy Democrats Parody


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