The LinkedIn Career Development Site has become Worse than the Twitter Sewer for Hateful Spew Inclusive of Defamation by the Unhinged Left

September 18, 2022
Updated September 19, 2022

LinkedIn has made it clear that they don’t permit correction of their infesting Leftist who have turned what was once a career development site into a sewer that’s become, by some measures even worse than Twitter. As the defamatory comments by the hateful go unmitigated, attempts to offer any correction comes with great risks. And so this particular rant will be addressed here.

First we rate these claims as “mostly false.” And the rest are “missing context.” Now let’s address them all, one by one.

Applying that rule you’re just like Biden (showers with his daughter, source his daughter’s diary,) Hillary Clinton, who tampered with evidence and slut shamed 12 year old when she awoke permanently disabled from her RAPE coma, and who’s husband would, if not for Trump, still be taking those “special missions” as she calls them to Democrat Island today, and the Obamas, who initiated the biggest wave of child trafficking in American history, referring to the caged livestock euphemistically as “unaccompanied minors.”

Team Obama checking up on their livestock of what became later known as “kids in cages.”

As the sane person on the thread mentioned, many vote for politicians based more on their policy and how those will effect the women and children among the 350 million Americans, along with profound impact on all of humanity (based on the USA’s influence.). His comment was merely an invitation to introspect a bit on their own apparent support of known sex offenders like the Obamas, Clintons and Bidens.

As for the rest of your 11 claims…

1. Same critique could be made of Clintons, JFK, LBJ, Obamas, and especially Biden and his spawn, only much worse. And Democrats already made clear that they don’t care about any of such matters when it comes to their own.

2. No landlord in Manhattan could ever be immune to shakedown suits in that category, and obviously there will be no charges filed against Martha’s Vineyards for the immediate deportation of the “brown migrants” they claim to welcome with open arms.

It also remains true that there’s no worse a racist than racist Dems.

And of course the claims that Trump is “racist” couldn’t be more ironic (when deployed by Biden, Clinton or Obama voters,) nor demonstrably absurd.

3. He was not “guilty” of any such thing but settled the fraudulent Trump U “scandal” for political expedience. We DO know how scandalous it is for anyone to trade learning for tuition in your #BreadlineBernout world.

4. Same as 3. There was no “guilt” found. He simply shut down the operation to focus on other business when the foundation was being attacked by your party of crime and their weaponized justice that magically leaves the most corrupt on Earth Clinton Foundation untouched.

Of course none of the facts will sooth the leftist brains and the TDS will rage on.

5. and 6. The whining about Trump’s bankruptcies and failed businesses indicates both a man (or non-birthing person as this one might be better described,) of total economic illiteracy, which isn’t something very smart to advertised on a job site, as well as empty headed selective outrage.

Apparently the special needs leftists believe bankrupting businesses are only acceptable when the games are played strictly with someone else’s money, and in Obama’s case there’s much taxpayer involvement.

And anyone that knows anything about business success, realize that those who build the most amazing lives for themselves persevere a series of failures.

Clearly the childish O’Neill is unfamiliar with this concept

7. One of the biggest lies sucked up by the indoctrinated Leftist brain is about Trump’s lies. None can few any actual lie that Trump told that should have any good American upset. But they’ve been well programed by their MK Ultra run TV “News” to follow a rather simple rule.

Those who are adequately discerning to do some critical thinking and capable of rejecting the wild and ironic lying by their TV News and Social Media realize that Trump was, in fact, the most honest POTUS in at least a century. And especially in the matter that matters most, namely the promises made during his campaign.

Which happens to include the subject of immigration upon which the contemporary Democrat Politicians have been proven to be the worst liars in in America’s history.

8. Continually calls people names! This is particularly amazing coming from the lying politicians that call “MAGA Republicans” a “threat to Democracy” after spending years calling not only the politicians that support America “racists,” but also the 75 plus million Americans who receive this daily defamation. Additionally, almost all of Trump’s “mean” Tweets are in response to the most outrageous defamation against Trump, his partners and the “We the People” he represents.

Oh but, the very bad “orange Hitler” is “calling names again!” Imagine being this much of a failure in self awareness.

9. “Admitted to sexual assault on women.” Is completely false. There was no such confession. Only man talk which is obviously offensive to the O’Neill types. And what he was actually describing was the behavior of Democrat Women.

10. “25 women accused.” Being accused isn’t a crime, nor does it indicate one. As most know there are 75 million Democrat Women that lie 24/7, and so if anything we should be shocked that Gloria Allred couldn’t dig up more than just a couple dozen to take it to the level of Bearing False Witness.

11. Oh… active lawsuits! The notion that being pursued by weaponized justice indicates “guilt” and the underlying “guilty until proven innocent” amounts to what we call “Libtard Juris Prudence.”

Finally, few who voted for Trump in 2016 knew much about him, but they knew the alternative was an absolute horror show, and the Communist voting block were too butt hurt about her cheating against Bernie in the primaries to cast votes for Hillary. Most who doubted Trump based on his lack of track record were immediately delighted once they came to realize that he planned to act in precise accordance with his campaign promises.

Everyone including every Democrat politician openly state that Trump was going to win reelection before Fauci made good on his promise of January 2017 and released “Election Flu.” This in turn provided the Left with their big opportunity to take their usual levels of Democrat Vote Fraud to a whole new level, and in the dead of night when multiple battle ground States magically “paused” their counting, the switch was flipped.

There’s a saying that “ignorance is bliss,” but the Leftists are as angry and hateful as ever, and even their own believes a psychiatric intervention may be required at this point.

And we sincerely hope O’Neill and his unhinged sorority of those triggered by America’s Best President, will find the help they so desperately need.


Shortly after preparing this and sharing it in response, the child responsible for the original comments was gloating about how his challenges weren’t answered. It’s possible that he was tricked by UnLinked use of the “relevant” filtering scheme also used by Facebook to selectively hide responses from conservatives.

Shortly after several posts were removed by the fascistic moderators with fraudulent claims of “bullying” and the like.

When this was explained as a possible reason he hadn’t discovered the above detailed response to a dozen challenges, he went on to gloat about the evil of censorship that he openly celebrates.

Of course the very clear answer about how opposing the Democracy of Ideas is incompatible with any claims of being “for” any other sort of “Democracy,” only drew out a more fascistic response.

The child apparently believes that whatever he spews is “truthful” and anything that challenges his delusions is “not,” and thus fairly removed.

Of course that was met with a response, and by tomorrow, it’s quite possible that the fascistic “moderators” at LinkedIn will delete and, and perhaps impose another interruption of access to professional contacts and career history.

Here’s another sample of content that’s not permitted per the Communist Standards being firmly upheld on LinkedIn.

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