Who “Pays” for The Wall?

January 27, 2017
Occupy Democrats Parody

Now that Trump is safely in the White House and prepared to keep his campaign promise, there is much talk among hysterical liberals that suddenly feign fiscal conservatism with their new obsession of “who will pay for the wall?”

The Wall is as much a concept as a structure and was actually a #DEMOCRATPROMISE (synonym for “lie”) made in exchange to get Ronald Reagan to go along with a 3 million mass amnesty of #ILLEGALALIENS.

This question doesn’t take into account any accurate assessment of the immense and ongoing costs of NOT having a wall.

fb_img_1472847694788-wallPerhaps the better question liberals might ask themselves, how will we spend the net savings of finally realizing the promise made by equally “honest” Democrats from the Reagan era.

Obviously it’s hard to precisely estimate the costs of illegal invasion, but this next illustration might help offer some clues:


I don’t believe anyone yet tackled the costs of illegal participation by #MEXICANNATIONALS on US soil in political activism and even #ILLEGALVOTES.  But for the discerning, the resultant Democrat power and destructive policies most certainly takes another very serious toll that could certainly be counted as a devastation in fiscal impact as well.

Lawlessness in Mexico
Fast ‘n Furious provides Obama guns to his favorite Chicago connected Cartels who in turn do the work of the #DEMINFESTED #CIA to keep chaos in #MEXICO.

Not all harm caused is accounted for in dollars.  To even attempt it we’d have to assign dollars amounts to the many kidnapping, rape and murder victims, and the shattered lives of those family and friends who share in the suffering of these losses.

Libtard Immigration “Arguments”

©2017 Occupy Democrats Parody

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