The Feminist Cult and Their Blood Sacrifice Abortion Rites

January 28, 2017
Updated October 20, 2022

ODP Staff

Language drives culture and attitudes as much as these underlying common understandings and perceptions are reflected in language.  Euphemisms serve as an effective barrier between a word’s true meaning, and what we might prefer, or find more “comfortable.”

Just as layers insulate us from cold weather, layering the global pastime of blood sacrifice in a plurality of euphemisms protect us from thinking too much about what, if done in daylight even to a dog, would be an unspeakable atrocity.

Fetus slaughter is given a more neutral term, “feticide” which is in turn wrapped in another euphemism “abortion.”  Some might still see that for what it is, and so it becomes simply “choice.”   And now an extremely ugly business is both out of sight, and out of mind.  What’s more,  only “bullies” and “zealots” could ever be opposed to “choice.”

The Feminist flank of Fabian Socialism has long openly discussed goals to destroy the bourgeoisie middle class and the family unit in which it was enshrined.  And so the creeping agenda to convert feticide from a shameful and very personal disaster, to routine business certainly fits with the big picture that many don’t recognize.


Whereas Sanger certainly used some bold language, few outside her inner circle could have imagined in her time that a once rare and desperate “last option” would literally become enshrined as a Holy Grail of women’s “empowerment.”


In addition to being declared a fundamental “woman’s right” feticide is now heralded as a a spiritual experience and there are even rumors of faux abortions are even offered as a service to dual groom “couples” so they don’t have to suffer missing out on such a joyful affirmation of “inclusion.”

Not only has state funded mass murder become a sacred “woman’s right” but now it’s treated as the ultimate symbol of “women empowered.”  Any that second guess the virtue of this culture of death are of course dismissed as part of a “war on women” to be blamed on the “religious right.”


The most deeply indoctrinated “role model” celebrities bemoan their own “failure” as women for having not yet performed their sacred sacrifice of solidarity with all their abortion crazed comrades.

However well shrouded in layers of euphemisms, feticide remains a morbid business. A hidden savagery that is generally witnessed only by the little thumb sucker that is visited upon in their “safe space” of mother’s womb.  Sometimes ultrasound provides larger audience so that the prying of little arms and legs from torso can be witnessed by those who might later describe the horror.

So horrible to see, that a Planned Parenthood director, Abby Johnson was converted instantly to one of the Pro Life movement’s biggest advocate.

Decades ago I was among the most deeply committed to a “pro choice” position.  I literally thought anyone calling themselves “Pro Life” were just ridiculous and illogical religious zealots.  I used to take great delight in knowing that most Republicans were also among those with the “superior” “pro choice” attitudes.

My own long standing Libertarian sensibilities originally called for unhindered individual empowerment of a would-be mother.  I’d have been the last to ask for any heavy handed government involvements in what I assumed to be a very personal matter that carried enough guilt and conflict to serve as a deterrent.

I attended government funded public “education” here in California, and my own training was reinforced by similar instruction received by older siblings on the cold collectivist calculus of striking a balance between “quality of life” and “potential life.”  Secular humanist indoctrination had me embracing the notion that a “potential human life” could be regarded as “less valuable” than the life of an adult cow that makes it way onto my plate.  And I still recall siblings taking it one logical step further in pondering whether “abortion” might even be “ethical” for s period after a after was successfully delivered.

Exposure to such thoughts made it less of a shock to learn that so-called “ethicists” have literally been promoting this idea in the daylight of public discussion.

Over time my own position evolved.  What was previously an abstract of just “terminating” a pregnancy became much different through my own process of discovery.  Parents routinely read bed time stories to baby in their “safe space” of mommy’s womb.  And science indicates that newborns recognize the sound of their parents voice as their brains develop during pregnancy.

Whereas I always recognized something was wrong with the Feminist attitudes that appeared to worship “abortion” as the central theme of their “liberation” it took time for me to begin to learn just what savage barbarism the cornerstone of the Feminists cult.


I’d later learned in conversation that the Marxists that oversee the indoctrination of our children literally do their best to arrange pregnancies just so that young girls can be bonded by trauma to the great “cause.”

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The demented Liberal woman will come up with the most wildly absurd blasphemy to declare their habit of solving all the “free rides” they give men with the brutal slaughter of the human life they deem “inconvenient” righteous!
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