“Talent on Loan from God!” A Quick Eulogy for the Late and Great Rush Limbaugh

February 19, 2021

I had been listening to (on KGO 810 and ultimately KSFO 560 in the SF Bay Area) and seeing Rush Limbaugh on TV since during or possibly before the first Clinton infestation of the White House.

At the time I was running my own political blog, www.deepwaterweb.com, and had never disliked, nor particularly adored Rush’s personal efforts to combat leftism to a large audience. If asked, I might have dismissed Rush as a rather average talent filling a huge void in the realm of conservative speech on radio and television. But now, a quarter century later, I have come to recognize the great “El Rushbo,” to be among, if not the most significant conservative voice on radio since Lee de Forest was carried on the first ever radio broadcast on January 13, 1910 in New York City.

Father of Radio credited for the first radio broadcast from NYC in 1910. #WhiteHistoryMonth

I remember receiving a book by Rush Limbaugh for Christmas from a family member. I brought it into the office, and I recall a friend and colleague rolling his eyes and declaring that “Rush was a big dummy!” or something along those lines. I was intrigued by his response and challenged him to reference a single statement of Rush that he found to be contentious.

My friend was caught unprepared for taking things to a deeper level, and I could sense his lack of followup was as troubling to him as it was amusing to me. But ultimately this moment, in combination with a few debates with my Clinton supporting friend after work and over drinks sparked some curiosity in my friend. And with this new interest in getting to the bottom of his own political leanings he became resolved to “hear out both sides,” in a month long exercise. He’d read cover-to-cover from two newspapers (this was when the Internet wasn’t yet “a thing,” and he chose Wall Street Journal as the “conservative leaning” paper, and the San Jose Mercury as representative of a “liberal leaning” alternative.

Ultimately he was rather miraculously transformed into what might be counted a neocon, and only later evolved fully into a true MAGA conservative. Such a patriot he became, that he went on to author a MAGA themed Zombie Apocalypse book.

I remember one Jessie that did my weekly house cleaning who mentioned that all his friends were quite surprised that he was a routine Rush Limbaugh listener. And there are countless who began a left leaning that became quickly drawn into the clear, friendly, optimistic messaging by “El Rushbo” as he’d come to be known and often call himself.

But as a man who offered audience to some of the great local Bay Area talents, like Jim Eason, and Lee Rogers, all who originated with or ended their respective careers on KGO, I had rather high standards. I believed that Rush made good and sensible observations, but I still wasn’t convinced he was much a genius as a sensible man grounded in common sense and guided by rational thinking.

At one time I heard his program and his voice was decidedly different. I, and apparently many others were suspicious that something might have happened to the “real” Rush, and that he’d been replaced with an imposter. Later it became more generally known to the public about his battle with a dependency of the nefarious OxyContin® which had been ultimately found to be a highly effective, but also highly addictive pain killer.

Ultimately Rush was able to seek treatment and returned in more full glory to his EIV microphone to work what was becoming an increasingly significant if not magical show.

As we approached the 2016 presidential race, Rush seemed to share some of the skepticism of many of his radio conservative peers about Trump, but nonetheless, he always approached things with an open mind, and after Trump won, and proved himself to be as “too good” as he represented himself to be on the campaign trail, Rush came to be amongst the best allies to Trump and highly discerning of his extremely important anti-left work that he’d taken up.

Through the most troubling of times during the rampant and systemic Democrat voter fraud of the 2020 “election,” Rush stayed the course and remained a steady and highly optimistic voice. He always made good Americans feel more hopeful, and without getting into the Dr. Steve Turley levels of cheerfulness, he offered hopeful and positive messaging through the bitter end of America as she ultimately surrendered to the full control of the Harris, Biden and CCP administration that now rules over a very recently “made great again” America.

Trump couldn’t have picked a better man to honor with the Freedom Medal at his final State of the Union address. And of course, at that time, nobody could have predicted that the Chinese Communists would partner with the Obamamites and their Global Cabal allies to finish off America (and much of the world,) with the bio attack illegally funded by US tax dollars via Fauci and his accomplice Obama’s efforts.

The fraudulent fact checkers on FB will literally ban the above picture as “misleading,” since it may or may not include the wild eyed lies about how this visit was strictly about helping the nation deal with one the nefarious Wuhan lab’s earlier products.

Ultimately Rush was called back to heaven before suffering the worst of what’s now to come. And it’s particularly sad to be without such a steady, accomplished, and optimistic voice that has offered so many energy and resolve to hold back the left and arrange some “best of times,” and that offered comfort and empathy during America’s current time of great suffering.

As Rush realized and openly discussed in his final hours of broadcast, his “talent on loan from God” took on a more profound meaning than he had realized during the decades that he repeated that expression that mixed pride in a great and reliable effort on his part with the humility of a man who always saw a “bigger picture” in both political matters and in life.

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