How Obama Turned Mall of America into SoMALLia

April 22, 2019
Updated April 28, 2019
Occupy Democrats Parody

Democrats know that they cannot win a war against Americans without first outnumbering us. And while conservative America was largely asleep that’s exactly what they set out to do.

Whomever wields control over immigration decides America’s future. It’s really as simple as that. And the key to that is in the Democrat’s obvious Open Borders policies accompanied by their own careful selection from the refugees they themselves create with their foreign policy.

Now it would certainly be inaccurate to claim that the Obama corrupt administration and Hillary’s nefarious State Department accepted just anyone into our midst.

Any Christians, particularly those fleeing Socialism are summarily rejected. And after Obama announces, “Whatever we once were, we are no longer Christian nation,” he made great effort to be sure that whatever did make it to our shores were the very Islamics that would arrive with pictures of decapitated victims still fresh on their smart phones. The very sort that pushed whatever few Christians fleeing their wrath from the boats.

Obviously Obama wouldn’t refuse to drag in the very worst Islam has to offer in the form of Somali’s dangerous population of refugees. And so he took in a full 35%. Of course Obama’s part of a larger plot to tear the fabric of America, and he dutifully exercised his power to offer careful attention to the placement of these most dangerous of “refugees.”

Minnesota was, until recently, comprised primarily of a population of mostly Norwegian, Swedish and some German immigrants. They tamed a familiar environment of cold winters into the home of The Mall of America.

The sheer spectacle of this made it the subject of comments by American Presidents as something of a symbol of American affluence and grandeur.

Shortly before the danger to American families became fully realized with the hate crime of the decade, we had presented our own observations of Obama’s “fundamental transformation” being exemplified by what could now only be called “SoMALLia.”

Now of course this hate crime won’t be treated as such by the accomplices that direct the prevailing messaging in our thoroughly corrupted main stream media. Whereas we all know how CNN and the other big names in “news” would fall over themselves to offer weeks of coverage with “race” being the central theme were the colors reversed, this one barely got any mention and it runs with the most obscured headlines, like “Boy Injured in Fall, Man Arrested,” followed up with content that glosses over all details and paints what might appear as a rather average Somali man as a Minnesotan and “a little crazy.”

Those who know about Somalia and the kinds of barbarians that machete women and children in their homeland over minor squabbles should realize that this particular sample of human excrement isn’t all that extraordinary.

And those living in Minnesota know this coverup style of “reporting” certainly didn’t begin with, nor is it limited to this horrific crime against a small boy.

A big Halloween Event last year was shut down entirely after police were called to deal with families with small children being tormented by barbaric gangs of Somali Moslems, and then insult was added to injury by officials that reported on the press that there were just “misunderstandings” and that the shut down was a precaution over some events that they simply wouldn’t offer any meaningful detail.

A few articles about rabid Moslems running through and terrorizing previously peaceful suburban neighborhoods got precious little attention. And to date we’re still left starved of any details on a story of police shooting an unarmed civilian that, were the colors reversed, still be among the dominant collective American consciousness with what would have been the kind of reporting to which Fergusson riots were squarely owed.

Left: “Australian woman” Right “Minneapolis Cop”
Not how this article omits that “Minneapolis cop” was a newly deputized Somali Muslim “refugee” and paints the outrageous happenings as “hard to prove.”

No thanks to media accomplices, we do know the following details. The “Australian woman” was newly engaged to be married, and had reported that she overheard or witnessed some sort of rape in or around her backyard. When the police car arrived she ran out in her pajamas to share what she had witnessed to what she presumed were legitimate law enforcement personnel.

We also know that the “Minneapolis cop,” as he’s described, for whatever reason drew his weapon and shot her dead from the passenger side of the patrol car across the lap of where the officer in the drivers seat was sitting.

One is left to speculate whether she might have just recognized him as the perpetrator in the rape she was reporting, and that when he recognized her as a witness, he felt little choice but to make whatever words she got out to his partner her last.

There are countless more problem stories but as much as life has been shattered for Minnesota’s native residents by this invasion of hostiles, there’s a larger story that the sheer numbers have been leveraged to place terrorists in the House of Representatives.

And of course accomplices within D.C. are all doing their own part to be sure an Islamic takeover of Federal government is comfortably accommodate.

You know things are serious when even Islamic Leaders express their own grave concerns!


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