The Science of “Gay” and Gender Dysphoria

June 17, 2019
Updated May 25, 2022
ODP Staff

Upon completing the human genome project the elusive search for a “gay gene” has left the inane “born this way” notions unsupported. Of course twin studies have given a clear enough picture to all but desperate ideologues well before it was ruled out by genetic science.

Epigenetic offered the next great promise for those hanging desperate hopes on pinning “gayness” to some aspect genetic coding to “debunk” the actual science that attributes homosexuality and gender dysphoria to environmental factors. But for those who know how this works, the notion that genes can be adjusted in the face of some stress or trauma is still, squarely in the category of “things that happen in life.”

All indicators are that 100% of homesexuality and most, (if not all,) of gender dysphoria area product of early sexual abuse by a dad, uncle, brother, or whatever other nefarious character imposes inappropriate and harmful sexual attention on a minor.

So this means that most are sexual abuse survivors. The destructive and vile LGBT movement is born of pedophilia and ultimately ends with it. And it makes sense that sexual abuse victims act out on a new generation of victims as part of a vicious and ugly cycle.

Whereas those suffering unfortunate proclivities and that indulge in unseemly habits may deserve compassion, particularly when their illness was born of being victimized, themselves as children, the absurd circus of so-called “gay marriage,” is all about granting these deviants access to vulnerable children that are very much placed at risk in such an environment.

First it’s wrong to deprive a child from either a mother or a father on purpose. And that’s exactly what LGBT wants to do by counting “married” same sex couples as equally qualified as adoptive parents.

More importantly there’s extremely high risks associated with placing children in the care of victims of pedophilia. Like most groups of victims, they are presented a fundamental underlying psychological “choice” of either carrying on life in continuation of victimhood, or as a predator.

And whereas the influence of deviant on innocent children who are yet to learn even about the basic “birds and bees” lessons comes at a horrible cost to their own development. And in some cases results in waking nightmares that even the most evil devil wouldn’t wish on a child.

While these horror stories unfold around the world, LGBT activists and the hoards of useful idiots that they’ve indoctrinated hold the Rainbow Flag in high esteem, and some have even pressed for and won rights to have this insidious Marxist Clown Colors symbol flown just below the American Flag on tax payer funded public property.

Some of us are old enough to remember that this insidious symbol of the Democrat Religion originally was flown as a symbol of “people of color.” And this in turn means, everybody that’s not “white” which is the only “color” missing from their flag.

Somehow along the line, it was usurped by another aspect of the Fabian Socialism that drives both the white hate and “pride” groups, but of course it remains just as evil.

Most who do the research know that LGBT and “Pride” movements were started with NAMBLA sex offenders that specifically target children. Since then there’s been a whole lot of lying and pretending to gain popular acceptance.

For example, the Proposition 8, narrowly passed in California before Democrats took full control of the polls and election process, reaffirmed the popular position that marriage was an arrangement between man and women. And before the brainwashed roll their eyes, it is worth mentioning that even your hero Obama and Hillary campaigned on their own acceptance of this notion.

Of course the Marxist infested courts immediately reversed this sensible outcome, and then those who dared contribute as little as $1000 to the passage of that bill were chastised. A CEO of a major tech company was forced to resign in “shame,” for simply having agreed with the position that was openly pronounced by Hillary, Obama and a majority of Democrats.

During the campaign to pass Proposition 8, conservatives warned that this would make children subject to a campaign of indoctrination in schools. Of course the left lied loudly and often. “No,” they shouted, “we have no intention of teaching anything to children. We just want our own equal opportunity to be “married.”

As soon as that passed, it all changed even more quickly than the lie about “we don’t want illegals to receive Obamacare!”

And now there’s no family television safe from this vile “same sex marriage” indoctrination that’s even found its way into My Little Pony.

Well, now LGBT is on to the next phase and expect us to forget about all the prior lies. Since the 90’s, putting sexual ideas into a kids head was considered, from a legal standpoint, as “child molest.” Now the molestation is out in the open, and there’s simply no way to block the vile and insidious perversion that aims directly at our kids via so-called “family television.”

The 2% population that’s gay and the less than 1%ers that are “transgender,” certainly deserve our compassion just as any others that survived abuse or suffer mental illness. Still it’s well past time we recognize the LGBT movement and the Marxist Clown Colors they fly as an artifact of the Democrat Religion that has no place on any tax payer funded property, much less flown anywhere near our American Flag.

We all have a very nice gay or transgender among friends or perhaps in our family. Being nice to them is noble. Being nice to the LGBT movement most embrace, however, is a vile action of evil against ours, our neighbors, our nations and the world’s children.

There are legitimate scientific understandings about how gay and transgender happen. And those who continue to beat the “born this way” drum for political activism are dishonest and anti-science.

Meanwhile, being kind to gays and transgenders should depend on their conduct with and around children. And being tolerant of what amounts to a pedophile movement makes one an accomplice.

The vile censors at CIA-Google are busy smashing all legitimate science based content from their personal webpage formerly known as “platform.”

Meanwhile, the vile anti-American NGO, ACLU, is busy promoting more child endangerment and abuse.

Ā©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

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