Book Review: Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence

June 4, 2019
Updated July 8, 2020
ODP Staff

The incremental push to legalize marijuana might seem, on the surface, and particularly to Libertarians as a positive. Most have evolved to regard the “weed,” related plants and all of its derivatives as medicinal, healthful, and a superior way to “chill” than alcohol.

Alex Berenson embraced many if not all of the notions above, but ultimately found himself on a journey of discovery that brought him to unexpected and profound realizations. I had first heard Alex speak of his new book on Dr. Michael Savage’s program, and was rather surprised by his assertions that young users under 25 were vulnerable to serious long term health consequences including schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.

I personally had taken my own first try of the “leafy green goodness” in the 8th grade, and the 2% THC products of the day provided me with no discernible effects. Many years later I gave it a more serious try. I took several 60 second hits, where I literally held my breath while the second hand danced a full lap around my wristwatch, and then, noticing that some was “left over,” I tossed that into a big green salad. This masterpiece was topped with cherry tomatoes, croutons, iceberg and a generous pour of blue cheese dressing.

Ultimately the above exercise gave me a better personal awareness of the superficial and immediate effects of THC, as did a handful of subsequent experiments.

Since then, as administrator of a Libertarian leaning page, I notice that the few posts of anything that indicates possible down sides to overuse of marijuana are met with amazingly hostile response. Even when I remind them that I support their “right” to “inhale, ingest, inject or apply topically” anything they choose, they’ll express grave dissatisfaction with sharing of “propaganda” against their apparent favorite pastime. I doubt I’d get a more energized response had I insulted their mothers.

Seeing such irrational reactions only made me more interested in gaining more knowledge about the research and behaviors of those self medicating with marijuana.

As detailed in Berenson’s writing, what was previously a general stigma of “pot heads,” and “stoners” as they had been once largely known has given way to an emerging new attitudes with the help of a massive and effective Soros sponsored campaign of incrementalism.

First we are tested for compassion with arguments like, “who would deprive a terminal cancer patient a few tokes,” or the help with appetite offered to AIDS patients. The vast majority of course see this as reasonable. Shortly after it’s accepted as a “healing medicine,” we move onto a followup for recreational use, because of the widely publicized list of “side effects” being limited to “hungry, happy, sleepy.”

Mr. Berenson takes us through a century of experience and scientific discovery in Mexico, India, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. And the further you follow him down the proverbial “rabbit hole,” the more you’ll come to realize that marijuana earned much of the former stigma that’s given way to propaganda and drug induced frenzy of enthusiasm for the pot!

If you have or know anyone with children under 25, this could well be among the most important of books you’ll ever read. For the important message, excellent research, and clear, lucid and compelling presentation of facts, this “must read,” The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence earns our highest rating of 5 stars.

Oh look… another video with important information removed by CIA Goolag

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It has become clear that the usual campaigning by Street Democrats (“bottom up”,) and their bureaucrat accomplices (“top down,”) to turn America “inside out,” has been intensified with a clear case of refer madness that appears to be owed to the legalization campaign that was also an overtly George Soros run operation.

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