Dr. Epstein Warned of “Accident” Before Wife’s Fatal Crash

Occupy Democrats Parody
January 20, 2020

The heart broken Dr. Epstein, the whistle blower that testified before Congress about Google’s role in big tech election meddling which he claims tossed a minimum of 3 million votes towards Hillary was warned of “an accident” before the loaded tractor trailer killed his beloved wife.

Dr. Epstein’s courageous testimony to Congress that was offered in defiance of “warning” of an “accident.”
Untimely veering could be explained by the CIA’s well known technology for manipulation that some believe were involved in Michael Hastings magical Mercedes Fireball demise shortly after he vowed to respond in kind go Obama administrations war on Press.

Dr. Epstein took notice of ominous words directed his way during a briefing of various State AGs.

As reported by Summit News. Full article

Obviously those who want to keep elections rigged by big tech will be more prone to dismiss this “accident” as “baseless” conspiracy theory, but the sheer numbers of deaths that correlate so neatly against any “speaking to power” that goes against the left, makes the alternative “coincidence theory,” a bit hard to swallow.

©2020 Occupy Democrats Parody

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