CIA-Google to Enforce “Accepting Results” With New YouTube TOS

December 10, 2020

Social Media Moguls stun many with a new edict that declares any “failure” of “accepting results” as a “violation” of new Terms Of Service that pledge to scrub any and all content that questions the legitimacy of what they clearly expect to be a Harris and Biden Presidency.

Mark Dice offers what could be a final farewell. Although he’s aware that every next upload could be a last, he remains resolved to carry on until he’s forced out by the fascists running CIA-Google controlled Youtube which we shall, henceforth address as FUTube.

Whereas such wild censorship would be expected in any country controlled by such a fascist as Kamala, who was literally campaigning on the removal of the President of the United States from Twitter, these wild actions by the CIA-partnered personal webpages (formerly known as “platform,”) would have some thinking that Harris were already heels-up in the Oval Office.

The vile crony capitalists running personal webpages formerly known as “platforms,” are simply not satisfied with rigging elections, but feel a strong need to rig every last conversation. Of course they claim that this is in the name of “protecting democracy” which is an amazing sample of irony since their heavy handed manipulation stands as the greatest threat to democracy.

In addition to the looming threat on all of being effectively made into a non-person on social media monopolies, any significant testimony against the entrenched establishment and the crony capitalists that feed the corruption, there is always a risk of paying an even higher price as Dr. Epstein, who testified against Google in Congress had already learned the hard way.

Ultimately this heavy handed meddling in our elections is an aspect of the bigger picture of rampant and systemic Dem Vote Fraud that threatens the Democratic aspects of our Constitutional Republic

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The great Officer Tatum shares his concern about this new policy, without using any language that might take down his channel (we’ll see how long this video lasts.)
Dr. Turley says Ban on Videos concerning the rampant and systemic Dem Vote Fraud will create a populist backlash

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