Rise of the DemoQuacks: CNN’s Sanjay Gupta Expands Bad Medicine on All Fronts.

January 21, 2020
Updated December 20, 2020
ODP Staff

The popular San Francisco favorite, KSFO 560 AM’s morning show, has long brought levity to the daily navigation through congestion, potholes, human feces, homeless tents, syringes, crime, and road rage that collectively characterize a typical Bay Area commute. This high power station recruited all the sensible voices away from their old KGO 810 home and corralled them into what was then branded as “Conservative Talk.”

KGO never bothered to rebrand their leftovers as “Liberal Talk,” but a simple adjustment of the dial helped preserve some radio sanity for a large but less noisy segment of the greater Silicon Valley population that helps make California’s one of the world’s leading economies.

ABC Disney’s ownership of KSFO, however, still makes its mark as sensible talk radio receives routine interruptions of severely leftward bent hourly “news” announcements and at odd intervals leftist “experts” like CNN’s own Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Chief Medical Consultant, chime in with wild misdirection under the brand of “healthier living.”

Roughly 80% of the doctor’s segments contain some measure of questionable advice, but at least one of five of his big announcements are dedicated to the spread of wild propaganda. He’ll use his CNN sponsored platform to promote veganism , vegetarianism, high grain, low salt diet, marijuana use, liberal “no spanking” parenting, vaccination, including the wildly unsafe and ineffective flu shots, and even gun control. On this particular morning, he took things to the next level by literally promoting “climate change,” as a “health issue.”

In past shows he doubled down on “gun control” while railing against the sensible “stay in your lane,” response from those with superior knowledge of our Constitution, rights and the essential role they play in saving lives. And of course he’s not the only “doctor” to venture into his inane game of robbing attention from patient care to make time for the extremely bad medicine of anti-rights propaganda for Democrats.

Sharing of the this survey of the first half of 2016 typically results in leftists retorting that the scandal ridden CDC doesn’t count abortion as “deaths” as if they were such an elevated authority that they’d be the sole arbitrator on such matters.

He appears to also promote the misuse of the CDC to squander their budget on “gun studies,” while hospitals intrude with questions about “guns at home” on forms previously used to gather relevant data about allergies, health habits and medical history.

There can be no doubt why CNN would hire such a ideologue as Sanjay to tow the leftist propagandist line on every single subject concerning health, along with anything else that might be framed as a “health concern.”

CNN and other media accomplices continue to repeat the wild lies to tie Australian and California wild fires to Climate Change while refusing to make mention of the direct and indirect Eco Terrorist arson that’s clearly to blame for both. Full Article at Breitbart

His most recent “medical advice” about the weather must have made Greta proud. He proclaimed in his blurb that Climate Change would be a huge factor in our children’s health. He followed up with a baseless claim of 7 degrees warmer temperatures which he then asserted would “cause more pollution.” Of course this was accompanied by parroting of the most nonsensical and thoroughly debunked of claims connecting “global warming” to “more wildfires.”

Caution: 30 day FB Jail resulted from sharing^

Ultimately today’s “health tip” amounts to the usual tossed salad of Climate Hoaxer dogma:

  • Don’t eat meat because cows fart.
  • Don’t heat your house in the winter
  • Limit breathing

…all so kids can enjoy the “good health” on an overly cold planet with no access to the clean water, clean air, transportation, heat, air conditioning, bicycle helmets, electronics nor vacations as made possible by affordable energy.

The kid wasn’t the only to suffer the syringe on this particular episode in bad medicine!

At least long walks in the snow might be counted as some extra “exercise,” for the poor children that are unable to attend Physical Education at government funded schools for not having received every last of an ever expanding round of CDC recommended vaccinations, or for those kids that are fully “shot up,” the abandonment of school bus or a personal family vehicle might make P.E. unnecessary after their long haul to school. Then they can focus more on the Common Core “math” that could help them become the next DemoQuack!

Much better advice is provided by “Conservative Resurgence” that offers an appropriate focus on the mental health issues suffered by teenage daughters that are unduly influenced by propaganda from Greta and that’s dished out at government schools.

Meanwhile, as some are doing their best to warn people of newly discovered dangers of marijuana use, Dr. Sanjay Gupta has decided to apologize for his original stance opposing the use of this dangerous drug to join the Democrat party pro pot stance as recently mainstreamed with the help of George Soros.

The Communist propagandists at DailyKos celebrate Gupta’s reversal on marijuana with a meme!

Of course he makes NO mention of the strong correlation between marijuana use by children under 25 and the serious life long conditions that destroy lives, families and society such as bipolar and schizophrenia. And instead of teaching children the dangers of marijuana use, he’s now actively promoting it to their parents.

As much skepticism as we must now apply to Democrat corrupted medicine, it’s especially true of any paid propagandists presented as “experts” by the likes of CNN. When measuring Dr. Sanjay Gupta on his tips for “healthier living,” he certainly stands out as one of their more dangerous propagandists on Zucker’s team of “news” liars.


And today we have a miraculous experimental vaccine that Fauci said “couldn’t be done,” and even “shouldn’t be done,” and, of course the quack are all now trying to distract from Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed,” that provided what was meant to be an option, while simultaneously manipulating distribution by forcing some, depriving others based on “social justice,” and their usual flare for medical fascism.

Meanwhile the most vile of DemoQuacks propose denial of treatment for those who opt out of the wildly risky experimental vaccine. Just imagine if the “doctors” of this same quality had proposed denial of treatment to the “high risk” bathhouse groups based on the same sick “logic.”

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3 thoughts on “Rise of the DemoQuacks: CNN’s Sanjay Gupta Expands Bad Medicine on All Fronts.”

  1. Back when Trump was inaugurated, I asked KSFO-AM why they continue to keep a liar like Gupta on the payroll (after he informed his listeners that Trump had heart disease, which was a blatant lie). The medical evidence presented to the public re: Trump’s health contained no such revelation. Yet Gupta, in keeping with his lying CNN affiliate, had no problem disseminating misinformation. What a shocker! In any event, I received no response from KSFO. Now I know why. 🙄

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