Fashion: The Evolving Look of Marxism

January 25, 2020
Updated October 20, 2022
ODP Staff

History makes clear that there’s a certain look that accompanies the more influential and powerful of those who move humanity “forward” into the abyss of Socialism.

“Free Chicken”

We can be nearly CERTAIN that the left’s favorite horse, Bernie Sanders, aka “Breadline Bernout” would grow the beard to better match his comrades were it not for another, much more productive and dignified Colonel Sanders that beat him to it!

And of course it wouldn’t be fair if we also had something to offer the ladies that prove themselves equally capable of conveying irrational thoughts that are “morally correct,” to the same indoctrinated youth demographic.

Ocasio proves to her fan base that proving herself a good Communist doesn’t always require the accompanying ugliness of the plain and grey attire that had previously been the defacto uniform for the Socialist comrades.
The former First “Lady” also did her part to introduce some colors to dispel the myth that all Commies needed to be clad in grey.
Of course Hillary’s been around long enough to demonstrate a stedfast commitment to a more traditional Marxist wardrobe.

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The beard has also become a staple symbol of the Cultural Marxism.
Sometimes facial hair can indicate whether you’re more of a Socialist or full Communist.

And perhaps the worst of all…

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