Democrat Yoga

October 30, 2020

Yoga is an unfortunate and less complete expression of the Kama Sutra which was among India’s greatest contributions to the expansion of spiritual horizons . A simple equation helps to conceptualize the role of both. In Yoga, the participants twist themselves into veritable pretzels with the purported goals of achieving harmony between body and spirit along with perceived benefits both to physical and mental health.

Kama Sutra combines the stretching of limbs and will to limits with a more direct and immediately gratifying connection to a Nirvana of a form of sensual Zen.

Regrettably, the Democrat Yoga takes this to an unfortunate extreme that culminates in an unpleasant physical act of “introspection” as the cranium becomes firmly implanted in, most commonly, their own posterior.

The degree of introspection achieved often gives the leftist what might be counted as a “crappy outlook on life.”
Democrats with less dexterity may train on a more modest task of exploring a sandy beach.

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Sometimes Democrat Yoga is a group sport that celebrates the party hierarchy

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