Willie Brown’s Understudy – The Story of Kamala Devi Harris in Words and Pictures

October 30, 2020
Updated April 28, 2021

Back in the 90’s I was invited to a Firefighter association event in San Francisco by a friend. He mentioned that Willie Brown would be there as a guest speaker. While waiting to enter, I noticed what appeared as a “hot asian” looking gal standing out front with wide eyes scoping the landscape like a cat in heat. Hers and mine made contact, but beyond that brief “connection” not much additional thought was given, and I had no way of knowing then that her presence at this event was closely related to the (then mayor) Willie Brown’s speaking engagement.

It was only years later that I began to learn about a super corrupt DA that was letting illegal alien murders off easy while going strong on prosecution of American citizens for minor marijuana “offenses.”

Fast forward roughly a quarter century, and now Kamala has emerged as Obama’s choice to be “installed” as POTUS 47 (after the warm carcass foot-in-door candidate delivers the payload.) She made quite a spectacle of herself at the Democrat primaries, and established a unique reputation as the single most hard line leftist Senator, even outscoring the wild eyed Communist, Bernie Sanders.

Now it’s clear that I was staring into the face of the most grave threat to America in heels.

Also while “serving” as Senator she gave a particularly stunning performance with her outrageous antics and extremely person attacks during the circus her party made of the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. After sinking below the depths of hell in her vicious attacks that tormented Brett, his friends and former colleagues and especially his family, she came out with such a “cat that ate the canary” look that it was deeply disturbing.

Quite an stir when it was revealed that Kamala, who was trying, at the time to champion some ridiculous new “anti-lynching law,” (as if it were previously legal,) is related to the infamous Jussie Smollet actor who was involved in a major #LynchingHoax.
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A real inspiration for little girls!
At least THIS one appears to believe so!

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