MoveOn Koolaid!

October 31, 2020
Updated March 12, 2023

Projecting is a favorite pastime of those suffering the horrible effects of TDS and the underlying Democrat Personality disorder. And so it should be no surprise that they’d also be quite comfortable lobbing accusations of drug use and indulgence of a Koolaid Communion to everyone that makes them feel inferior online.

There’s a bit of added irony since the Jonestown Cult that used Flavoraid to poison whatever portion of their flock wasn’t gunned down by the CIA was run by a darling of the left.

Meanwhile, their own Moveon Cult appears to serve up the best Koolaid to their many disciples.

And the gobbling down of copious volumes of their own brand of Koolaid is hardly the only vice of this particular sect of the Democrat Religion. They also partake heavily of the “Obonga…”

and engage in a rigorous measure of self mutilation to showcase their “ought to be committed” levels of “commitment” to every lost and lousy leftist cause.

Some are so unhinged about an election that didn’t go their way, they permanently applied the Trump name to their own bodies!

For those that haven’t yet budgeted for a longer term solution, temporary markings are applied.

While others make more of a lasting statement.

Ronald Reagan was certainly the last really good president before we realized the greatness of the Donald Trump Presidency, but he did really mess one thing up when he closed all the insane asylums, and the patients released into our streets have been quite busy “voting blue” ever since.

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Sometimes we’re lucky enough to see the left limit their levels of drunk to whatever they might achieve with alcohol.

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