Sharing Certain Words from the Immortal and Revered Icon of “Following Science,” Now Subject to “Fact Check”

December 16, 2020

In response to more of the usual “your posts ignore science,” ad hominem flung by the “follow the science!” left, a brief 45 second presentation of the left’s icon of “all that is sciencey” Fauci featuring his own flapping lips decry as hysterical and misinformed call for wearing masks as appeared on the inconvenient 60 Minutes interview the censors prefer remain forgotten.

They’ve since added equivocating comments to the video as appears on Youtube. Oddly a 45 second capture of this video resulted in a “failure to convert” error when posting directly, and a “Fact Check” of “Partly False” when sharing directly into a thread on the Social Media Taliban’s Facebook

It is apparently “Partly False” and worthy of full blown censorship (the post was set to private and invisible to the intended audience) when “old guidance” is shared in the context of “evolving positions” by “experts.”

©2020 WarOnPress

The leftist’s absurd conduct is so absurd, it can’t be described adequately without satire

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