A Shot to be Felt Around the World

December 16, 2020

As impressive as the unprecedented “Operation Warp Speed” achieved by ignoring Fuauci’s “it can’t be done” and even “shouldn’t be done” expression of the left’s version of “following science,” the Pfizer and Moderna products will be a death sentence for some, a grim reaper of chronic long term immune disorders for others, and a “new normal” of despair in the combined health effects and a lasting tyranny via the biggest betrayal of hippocratic oath and bodily autonomy in the history of the world.

The combined horrors of Nazi medicine, and all the “care” experienced during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Soviet Socialism, Cuba and Venezuela’s “free medicine,” faces big competition as today’s Communists steal what was offered as a miraculous option to be imposed as a basis of universal medical tyranny.

Here the same big “expert” that participated in mass-murder by forcing hot COVID cases into elder care facilities, announces his plan to make a (test group free) experiment out of the whole of California with an “All 58” campaign to force every shot he can into sheep and skeptics alike.
Sensible concerns expressed about the experimental vaccine being pushed via unconscionable programs like “All 58” being promoted by the 100% of Communist governors and others.
Bill Gates squirms and stammers about nearly universal immediate adverse reactions to Moderna’s experimental COVID vaccine

While some argue that “POC,” aka “People of Color” should be first in line to receive their shots in the name of “Social Justice,” others argue that they should be the only population to be offered an exemption from mandates!
And of course the NWO plans may see it a priority to ensure that there’s no escape via exemptions for the demographic group they deem most inconvenient to their global agenda.

Now that they believe they won the White House via massive and systemic rigging, they’ve already sent the invitations to the next round of “caravans” who will be more than eager to take all the shots, and vote for the State Socialism to ensure their power to impose mandates on those more inconvenient Americans they intend to replace.

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The above visit has been given “context” by the Liars of the Left who asset that this was just a friendly visit to help in the effort to mitigate the spread of the Wuhan Lab’s earlier SARS products. And there’s yet to be any explanation given for the 3.4 million in illegal funding arranged through Fauci, who “predicted” that Trump would face a pandemic during his administration, in the very first month of Trump’s Presidency.

©2020 WarOnPress


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