Following the Science on the COVID Experimental Vaccine and the Potentially Serious Risks to Human Health

December 16, 2020
Updated February 19, 2021

In order to meaningfully understand some of the risks we assume and accept (in the case of voluntary vaccination,) or that are imposed (when shots are forced,) gaining a basic understanding on the mechanics will help.

The following detailed but reader friendly explanation might serve as the best introduction.

Here’s generally how the new RNA vaccine works.Many ask me if this vaccine RNA could fit into the genome? The answer is NO, problems could be others if anything. I try to be understandable in explanation and reflections, you understand that we get into a technical topic but not necessarily complicated.

The vaccine in question contains a messenger RNA or m-RNA, meaning a single-filament polymer molecule that, as the name itself says, carries a ′′ message “, a well-defined information. In this case, this m-RNA contains the information necessary to produce a specific sars-cov2 protein, the SPIKE protein.

As you can see from the image, m-RNA is found inside a lipid capsule that will ease its entry into our cells.

Attention, everyone. Being m-RNA molecules particularly delicate and susceptible to degradation, such a vaccine must be kept at-80 degrees and it is vitally important that this happens. Potentially degraded m-RNAs due to unsuitable conservation could result in inflammatory and trigger violent immune system reactions, therefore inoculating a degraded vaccine is extremely dangerous.

But let’s get back to molecular aspects.Once m-RNA enters our cells, this should be processed and its intrinsic information ′′ decoded “.

Through some steps the SPIKE viral protein is formed, a protein that should come out of cells (you don’t quite understand if it could also Positioning and stationing outside the membrane of our cells, which I really hope it doesn’t). From now on, our body will be an unaware producer of an unknown protein, this will cause the immune system to organize itself to recognize and attack such a protein should we encounter the virus that carries it.

Another problem arises here. If the virus mutates over time (as it is actually happening), our immune system will only produce weak antibodies, which they don’t actually recognize or weakly recognize the protein that the new mutant viral strain possesses. The person risks finding themselves with ′′ non-inactivating ′′ antibodies with a whole series of problems and issues opening up on this critical point.

Going back to the m-RNA entering our cells I can think of a second theoretical aspect: let’s say that the cell, once these foreign m-RNA molecules have entered, you process some of them by cutting them, actually giving rise to small ones molecules called miRNA (micro-RNA).

What would these miRNAs do inside the cell? Micro-RNAs know how to play a role in regulating gene expression. The question is: which genes would be subject to the adjustment of these mi-RNAs? What consequences?

Let’s not forget that many miRNAs have been associated with various forms of cancer (Mraz et al, MicroRNAs in chronic lymphocytic leukemia pathogenesis and disease subtypes, in Leuk. Lymphoma, 2009) and let’s not forget that we are practically faced with a new vaccination technology and not enough tested on various fronts.

Pietro Buffa
Never EVER a successful animal test on this RNA therapy being compared with “a vaccine,” and other concerns about the bio-war aspects of COVID and treatment options.
Apparently any degradation for the slightest problem of too warm or too cold between the liability free factory and your injection site make the vaccine very dangerous according to the science and literature. Good luck with that!

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