Capitol Kabuki

January 6, 2021
Updated May 6, 2021

The party of crime must be given credit for the grand final act in their great magic show. Their usual slight of hand had served them well in their rampant and systemic voter fraud operations for years.

New Evidence: The staged Capitol Hill breach was invited to give the liars of the left their newest talking points which are now the basis of a Twitter and Facebook suspension of the President of the United States by the Social Media Taliban.

The above Twitter Account was suspended by the Social Media Taliban for sharing truth. Regrettably our backup does not appear to have the audio, but it will still give a pretty clear idea without the narration.

Still, in spite of:

  • the wild and specifically targeted gerrymandering,
  • trafficking of whole human populations,
  • release of a virus,
  • the trifecta of the Social Media Taliban,
  • an unhinged media doubling down on wild lies
  • rampant built-in fraud made crazy with new mail-in voting schemes,
  • and last minute legislation by corrupt courts,

…election day projected such a humiliating loss that foreign leaders around the world called to congratulate the presumed 2nd term President Trump.

Since cheating had long amounted to a status quo in one “close race” after another that were finally “won” by the underdog Democrat, the only question was really, how much cheating, and to what extreme the perpetrators might go to “overcome” all the “evil” they participants assigned to President Trump.

Clearly these were there to ENSURE that the Capitol got breached by their own operatives.

The great Mr. Reagan takes us through it in a video that will likely soon be removed by Youtube for unauthorized speculation.

And now they had already risked jail and worse to diminish Trump leads in the solid Red Counties in all the selected “battleground” states where they set up their Dominion operations, they were really past a point of no return, and needed to convert a smaller and routine risk into a large one.

And so, in the wee hours of election night, a variety of excuses were given in all the Democrat run urban centers. Everything from “broken pipes,” to being up past bedtime was the basis to send home the poll watchers and, while nobody but security cameras were still “looking,” to begin the counting of those special… “official ballot containers” that so-called “fact checkers” really do not like to be called “suitcases.”

A more discerning friend saw the concern of a synchronized “pause” in counting performed, coincidentally in all the key “battleground” States. So before turning in for what seemed a clear victory, I couldn’t “unsee” her ominous message.

And so, whereas many went to sleep feeling, borrowing the China’s Biden’s words “pretty good about where we are” on Election Night, I was rather expecting to see some magic happen.

The famous Biden fraud curve worked so well (with the help of corrupt courts, corrupt election officials, corrupt governors, and other accomplices to November’s fraud, they didn’t even think twice about applying the same method to steal the Senate via Georgia two months later.

Now many had been through long and unsettled elections before, like the Bush vs. Gore, but many tortured themselves with every hour of nightly news as a means of coping with what proved a highly rational fear of “the worst.”

And today, would be the day that a select few conservative Senators and Congressmen would at least make the appearances of “standing up” against the clear violation of our election that would, at worst, bring all the details to light, and, to the more optimistic Dr. Steve Turley fans, turn into the most significant victory for American justice and a future world of prosperity and freedom.

The entire world were counting on something to give so that America would prevail over all the accomplices in the courts, legislators, and State bureaucracies.

And ultimately the day started with some optimism. A brilliant and optimistic speech by Trump to adoring supporters called out what he called “explosion of bullshit,” was just wrapping up when attention turned to the Capitol building.

Alleged “MAGA” supporters broke glass and forced their way into the building while Pelosi and others scampered off to their respective bunkers.

But, if this was such an easy entrance opportunity, we should all be wondering why the left’s ANTIFA never managed.

As many observe, this was “too easy,” and the kabuki theater in play plays right into the hands of Democrats and their accomplices across the aisle. And, with a base as gullible as the CNN “informed” Democrat voter, no matches nor gasoline were required for their big Reichstag moment!

What would have been a very public hearing about the fraudulent electors, will now be made into a secret, private session, and the Republicans that declared their resolve against the stolen election, wouldn’t be graded on their performance, and nor would any of the dirty details about the massive and systemic Democrat fraud be aired for public scrutiny.

Now for “security purposes,” it would all be behind closed doors. Democrats get their way without having the public watch them roll their eyes over sworn testimony by witnesses, and the status quo Republicans could make big claims about feeble efforts. “Well, folks, I really went to bat for you… but…”

Furthermore, a newly “installed” Harris, Biden, CCP administration would have their basis to vilify any questioning of the election they stole “fair and square.” Even before the plants showed up in the Capitol building, the media was hyping up the “big trouble” that was brewing by “sore losers.”

It’s all been so brilliantly performed, that it almost earns the underlying treason of this final act in a series of hoaxes and coups a measure of “respect.”

Perfect scenario to give the “Trojan Hearse” candidate opportunity to read his carefully crafted script as a prelude to the “Dark Winter” eternal of a Harris-Biden-CCP Presidency, swiftly followed up with “mysterious disease” to establish Obama’s first choice as the “installed” POTUS47.

More insights:

Optimistic take the above content was removed by the CIA Google for presenting election integrity facts. We couldn’t find a backup but the gentleman reposted all the videos removed on his new BitChute channel.


Video captures Antifa getting escorted to the scene in white vans by D.C. Police!

And this whole theatrical production was the basis to shut down Parler, run through a second Parody “Impeachment,” (in violation of the law,) and to began a wild media blitz to defame all “Trump supporters” as violent, and all of Trump’s words as incitement.

The MKUltra mind rot media is so successful, you may find yourself having to remind Democrats of their position on violent riots from a few weeks ago.

The vile #CIAGoogle liars tagged the above as “age restricted content” when it’s EXCLUSIVELY a run through of the WORDS used by the LEFTIES on regular Cable News. There was no “age restriction” against the channels that originally aired these segments. So disgusting their dishonesty. If you prefer not to login to Youtube, click our own copy of the video feature BELOW.

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A humorous recap

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Lil’ BLMAntifa arrested for his role in the inside job Capitol Breach Election Kabuki

The target audience of this theater is so gullible, they didn’t even require matches nor gasoline for their big Reichstag moment! Jussie Smollett was apparently booked, so they brought out Ocasio to deliver a detailed imaginary account of what happened.

Trump Defense Attorney Stands up to the vile media for their role in dividing America
The ONLY audio you need to hear to recognize the Capitol Kabuki for what it is.
Full documentary on Rumble

Final thoughts. Had Donald J. Trump “incited” Schumer’s erection?

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