Social Media Taliban: A Story of Racketeering, Defamation, Censorship and Treason.

January 11, 2021
Updated January 26, 2021

After a long history of racketeering, targeted harassment, denial of service, and wild violations in privacy and 1st Amendment protections, the Social Media Taliban has taken their anti-American activities to a new level. The coordinated efforts by the likes of Jack, to intercept communications from the President of the Unites States fully meets the definition of treason.

It’s not clear what’s happening in the background behind kabuki theater of today’s political show. The public is left with a choose what to believe between opposing narratives.

They might accept wild lies and hateful rhetoric from their TV set that call for “unity” via “making lists” and demonization of the whole of Trump’s base as “terrorists.” Others embrace hopeful messages of an epic military “white ops” efforts to, at last, arrest all the vile perpetrators, from Pence to Pelosi, in a major reset of America, complete with another four years of Trump at the helm.

Whatever the State of the Union, our US Military should be called upon to kick down doors and treat Jack, Zuckerberg and all those involved to the traditional remedy for their wild treason now, or at least before they are turned to CCP control via a Harris-Biden administration.

Some foolishly believe that the removal of Alex Jones was just a case of “one crazy conspiracy theorist” being kept from the spread of too my “dangerous” ideas. Now they boldly apply their same coordinated efforts to intercept and manipulation communication from the President of the United States for their CCP masters.

In addition to the direct treason by Jack and Zuckerberg, the most vile accomplices which include Tim Cook of Apple, and Jeff Bezos of Amazon convert their respective “A’s” as a symbol of “ass hole.” Cooke joins Google’s Pinchal in banning the Parler application from their store as a clear expression of racketeering to destroy the men like Don Bongino, a man presently battling cancer, who took the left’s own advice to make a major investment to start up new platform that respects the American tradition of free speech.

Whereas this action is a clear case of antitrust and racketeering on behalf of the treasonous Jack and Zuckerberg, other platforms like Gab have been able to continue with some success in spite of having no available “app” to streamline access on iPhones. But there was another unexpected vulnerability for Parler in that they assumed that the “backend services” that were the basis of their development efforts was offered by grownups.

Now Amazon’s reputation for any such “backend” infrastructure has been revealed as fraudulent, and nobody would dare depend on these unless they accept a very real possibility of ultimately taking it “up the backend,” as only Tim Cook could appreciate.

In these troubling times, we’ve been well trained to accept a vast chasm between “what should” and “what is,” and so, while we wait to see, or perhaps help to make what happens, we can always wear a message “on our sleeves,” that cannot be deleted by the demons that have taken control of all channels of communication.

Wear a message denouncing the censorship and treason by the Social Media Taliban that they cannot delete. Social Media Taliban Shirt.

©2021 WarOnPress

UPDATE JANUARY 11: At the time of finishing up this writing, it’s come to attention that a domestic terrorist crowdsourced a group to extract Parler account information to in their “enemies list.” Vice is an unreliable source for “news,” and it could also be a tactic to make the user base fearful of returning to Parler, if and when they recover from the outrageous actions by Jeff Bezos at the expense of any residual reputation held by his back end services operation. If the “white ops” stories prove to be false, and January 20 delivers us to a Harris-Biden-CCP administration, it may be time to learn about the Chinese Cultural revolution.

Meanwhile an account that openly calls for the “extermination” of their opposing political party is apparently in “good standing” with Jackolf Twitler’s “Terms of Service.”


Per Dan Bongino, the Parler hacking incident reported by Vice was fake news, and obviously designed to scare users off of the platform while they continued their attack by other angles. Reportedly alternate backend service providers are participating in the denial of service out of cowardice and/or the same malice demonstrated by Jeff Bezos who has destroyed the reputation of his AWS (Amazon Web Services) brand forever.

Mark Dice isn’t smiling.
Boy was Reagan right!
Wimkin is a new Social Media Platform that is ALSO under attack by the Fascist Left

Now the racketeers at CNN are promoting full fascism to hunt down any and all media sources that aren’t directed by their masters.

CNN: ALT MEDIA is ISIS Domestic Terrorist Stamos is invited to project his own threat onto the emerging honest media and independent journos.
Even a leftist comedian is disgusted with the wild censorship being normalized by the increasingly fascist left.

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