Depopulation Shots

May 8, 2021
Updated May 14, 2021

Imagine how surprising it would be if the proponents of massive reductions in population to “save the Earth” from the “plague” of humanity were also the ones getting really pushy about getting everyone whether they contracted COVID and recovered, or not, and whether they’re in a high risk age group, or not, to accept shots well ahead of their expected 2023 completion of clinical trials.

Previously a former Pfizer doctor took great risks to announce publicly that training an immune response to spike proteins was a recipe for an auto-immune attack on similar proteins required to properly attach a developing fetus to the lining of the womb.

The wild liars claiming a role as “fact checkers,” went on the attack to deliver the important news that causing “infertility” wasn’t the same as “sterilization” of women, and so the majority that simply look for the big red “FALSE” at the top of their article, were satisfied that there was no worries whatsoever.

And the the talking heads went back on TV to explain how unpatriotic and even “white supremacist” it might be to abstain from rolling up sleeve like good little sheep eagerly embracing their new role as lab rats.

But the facts aren’t going away, and VAERS has proven a live human experiment demonstration of how this works. The lesser known effects on male sperm will be less obvious, but the globalist and their medical fascism accomplices couldn’t be more eager to get these shots administered down to 16. Then within weeks to 12, while the most vile of satanists are busy now at Stanford jabbing 4 year olds.

And now another expert risks career and life itself to make their own statements.

This Bill actually IS a doctor and college educated, unlike the Bill Gates everyone is so eager to declare the foremost authority on vaccination. FULL ARTICLE

There are obviously many other concerns about these dangerous experimental vaccines ranging from blood disorders, chronic autoimmune disorders that could lead to a slow and painful death, and even degeneration of brain tissue via a prion disease similar to “Mad Cow Disease,” but if you don’t want your own family tree to end with you or your kids, you better start paying serious attention.

Propaganda from Barack Obama goes hilariously right!

Meanwhile, our prediction is that a lot of people are about to start getting very sick, and the perpetrator’s accomplices in mass media will blame the “unvaccinated” or “vaccine-hesitant,” to apply more pressure to enroll the healthy into the dangerous experiment.

Youtube is actively censoring information from doctors and experts like this. If play doesn’t perform find the full video here.


How vaccinated may pose a greater risk to the healthy.

The video you’re “not supposed to watch” explores the planning documents for the COVID event that Fauci was boasting about since 2017.

Renowned microbiologist warns of the harmful effects and explains why “effectiveness” in life saving couldn’t even be measured for COVID vaccine without hundreds of millions in a study (if not over a billion.)

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