Did COVID Vaccine “Hesitancy” Motivate The Assassination of the Haitian President?

July 15, 2021
Updated July 18, 2021

The President of Haiti has been a thorn in the side for Democrats for years, and many assumed that he might have been preparing to offer more testimony against the Clintons when he met his ultimate fate this past week.

Typically Clinton related deaths happen before an inconvenient testimony is rendered, but I guess a President of a country requires more effort and abuse of power as Hillary apparently did with the former leader of Libya.

As many are becoming increasingly aware of the FBI’s corruption and role in orchestrating the latest and greatest Democrat hoaxes of Capitol Kabuki and the Gretchen Whitmer “Kidnapping,” few were surprised that a number of “informants” and US citizens were rather directly involved in this most recent murder of Haiti’s President.

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Interestingly, Reuters and other “fact checkers” were familiar enough with the motives of this hit job to dismiss the most likely story that Jovenel Moïse’s commitment to protect his citizens from the forces pushing mass injections with the experimental COVID “vaccines,” may have been a motive. Reuters has yet to answer what they believe are the motives nor provide any accompanying evidence, so it makes the denial all the more interesting.

An0maly sums thins up quite neatly in this presentation of known facts and third party reports.

Of course we need more time for FBI to do their coverup and will provide updates as we watch that unfold, but we can certainly count on seeing an unfettered flow of the dangerous experimental “vaccines” into Haiti now that the primary obstacle has been removed.


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