The Real Reason for Biden’s Proposed African Travel Ban

November 26, 2021
Updated December 3, 2021

Now the world has had their attention directed by corporate media to a new “variant” that’s looming in Africa. With a low “vaccination” rate, the Continent has been proving a major inconvenience to the narrative spun by the cult of Fauci and his accomplices as required to sell more lethal injections, and for those who survive the first two, an ongoing series of “boosters.”

Prior to this they only had to deal with the few voices that aren’t suppressed by their corporate Social Media monopoly accomplices that saw an inverse correlation on a country-by-country basis for vaccination rates and COVID resilience.

And some of these pesky facts remain available for the informed to research independently in spite of obvious efforts by the global cabal to “correct” any heads of State that defied their demands to perform mass vaccinations on their respective populations.

Meanwhile, the evil and ignorant work together to coerce and force most of humanity into accepting lethal injections to achieve depopulation goals that simply could not be achieved by a Wuhan lab modified virus alone.

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