Trump’s War on Pedophilia

August 15, 2020
Updated April 30, 2023
ODP Staff

There was one campaign issue that Trump announced before even announcing his first run for any political office that successfully achieved his seemingly miraculous success at landing the highest office on his first ever political campaign.

While the left claim a few hundred thousand in social media by some “very bad” Russians combined with Trump’s celebrity and billions robbed Hillary Clinton of her apparent “birthright” for a Third Clinton Term, Bloomberg’s recent torching of a cool 500 million dollars proved that something other than campaign budget matters to the American voters.

Before Trump came down that escalator he appeared on TV to fire a few big warning shots. He called out Epstein’s Island as a Cesspool, and followed up with a “you can ask Prince Andrew about it, he’ll tell you!”

Ever since, the left has made such overt business of circling their wagons to protect their pedophilia based cult of elites, even the most dismissive of anything that might smell as a “conspiracy theory,” have been lulled from their slumber.

Still many still take their daily “news” and most every opinion from the very agencies and media monopolies that actively cover for the worst crimes against children, and are easily misled by what would seem to be rather foolish twists that paint the savior of children as “the predator.”

Epstein pal Bill Gates makes clear he’s about more than just raping children with the needles.

As a rather glaring example, Trump’s, “I wish her well” comment made of Ghislaine Maxwell has been mischaracterized in the left’s wildly ironic and dishonest goals to defame the President as “accomplice.”

Standard Projection propaganda reframes Trump’s “wish her well,” comment which clearly means he wants her alive to testify, as an endorsement of the very pedophilia Trump’s been actively fighting since before he announced his successful campaign that made him Chief Law Enforcement Officer.

The more discerning remain aware by more independent research that the other star witness, Jeffrey Epstein, who would very likely be hosting a “First Lady” Bill Clinton on “special missions” at that cesspool island, was rather clearly “not wished well,” by those who would have lost the most by his, since “cancelled” testimony.

It should be obvious that the Clintons most certainly did have any “wish well” feelings about their old partner in crime, Jeffrey Epstein.

Meanwhile the media has done a rather impressive job of keeping people off the trail of the one scandal that might be counted even larger than “ObamaGate” misadventures in spying and election rigging.

Were the media not faced with their Trump Problem, they’d still have covered up for their accomplices well enough that the Epstein enterprise would have remained in full operation in service to the insatiable elite and the child sacrifice operations than runs in parallel to their Planned Parenthood body parts business.

Now obviously any ordinary person would have so much difficulty relating to such disgusting business that’s been running throughout our country and easily across our Southern Border, so some extraordinary evidence would be required to get a reluctant, largely asleep public to wake to extraordinary claims.

On video in particular stood out as a concise and well researched presentation to awaken an audience. And of course it was not long before it was scrubbed from CIA-Google’s personal webpage formerly known as a platform (Youtube.)

Before the above was removed a copy was preserved. If anyone knows another location where it is posted by the content provider on some alternative platform, please let us know in the comments.

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