NBC Fires Employee for Accidental Reporting at Olympics

July 30, 2021
WarOnPress – Satire

NBC has been a reliable source of misinformation for decades, but has made special efforts in recent years to firm up a reputation as “Nothing But Crap.”

In a stunning betrayal to their commitment to lying, a hot mic moment at the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics hosted in Japan offered up some intriguing and alarming “not ready for prime time,” revelations that read like a script from Infiniti Wars.

This appears to show only on a self described comedian’s Twitter, so we may be able to discount it as satire.
A reasonable question appears on the comments, and whereas most answers were “yes,” we’re inclined to pick this one as a more useful assessment.

There’s no way to know whether his assessments accurately represented the more sinister aspects of the “great reset,” and the role mass vaccination and bioweapons collectively serve in curing the Earth of what the elites clearly and openly describe as a “population problem.” Still he certainly appears to believe what he’s saying. And this also suggests that those in the media propagandizing an audience about taking vaccine selfies know a lot more than what is intentionally shared on MKUltra partnered Mockingbird corporate media.

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2 thoughts on “NBC Fires Employee for Accidental Reporting at Olympics”

  1. Whats more insane is the vast majority of woman OKAY, with dudes taking their spot, masquerading as females. On top of the fact that if they’re against it, the woke mob turns on them. Forced to accept it.


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