On The Left’s QAnon Boogeyman

July 30, 2021

Among the scapegoats for the false “insurrection” that played on January 6th and keeps on playing, is the “very bad” and “dangerous cult” of “conspiracy theories” known as “QAnon” or more simply “Q.”

What seemed to some as a magical insider “white hat” pulling levers from within the mostly Democrat infested agencies, “Q” became known for semi-coded “trust the plan” themed messages delivered in the form of “drops.”

Alex Jones was among the first to denounce “Q” as a fraudulent entity, but many embraced the story, fueled with confidence born of the highest quality of propaganda and ultimately a psyop.

Now it’s plausible that a true White Hat began the reveals from behind the curtain of the entrenched establishment bureaucracy often described simply as “Deep State,” it undeniably finished as the perfect tool of the very elite “Q,” by all appearances defied and stood against.

No propaganda ever takes hold without a mixture of highly plausible and even verifiable truths, and ultimately the Q track record on drops remains of far greater quality than the steaming piles dropped by what can only be, at this point, described as CNN Toilet.

But, as clearly intended, once all that “trusting the plan,” played out as either a plan that was royally defeated, or, more likely, no real plan in the first place. And that pays handsome dividends to the royal elite behind the curtain.

They’re quite aware of the limited thinking capacity of their own fan base, and so the more inconvenient truths they could roll up into and package in with the whole “Q” phenomenon, the more of their sins would be summarily dismissed as “brainwashing.” Even the most competent observers and analysts could be defamed as a “Q-Nut” whether or not they ever bought in to the first, last or any “drop” in between.

And the above example pales in comparison to the ongoing hysterical rage of those programmed by social media and their TV sets to believe the entire United States was nearly toppled by an “insurrection” of “dangerous beliefs” all to be blamed on either the former President or this “very bad Q.”

What many found a confusing but interesting phenomenon is now rather clearly identifiable as, however it began, something that ended as a brilliant strategy for the “elite baby eating blood sucking pedophiles.” Any who even suggest a deeper knowledge of the left’s key currency of child abuse, grooming, ritual sacrifice and adrenochrome are now, simply “very dangerous Q bot fascist traitors and insurrectionists!”

Prior efforts to defame the “followers” of “the cult,” were made to look to ridiculous to stick, in part with this magical response to a setup by one of the usual dishonest “journalists” endowed with a Press Pass.

Trump turns the trap against the elite pedophiles that was delivered by one of their lightweight “journalists” at a presser to hilarious effect.

The script was already set though, so the press still ran all their narrative pieces as if the humiliation of their little press girl never happened.

Just a small portion of the August 20 headlines to attempt to recover from their humiliating fail at the prior day’s presser.
Lazy brained lefties didn’t even need to carry so many talking points once they were armed with their latest big ad hominem to defame good Americans that dared to connect a few dots.

But obviously simply claiming that “conspiracy theories” were “dangerous,” can only be carried so far. So when the complicit Democrat infested FBI worked with corrupt D.C. Cops and Pelosi to stage their big Reichstag of Capitol Kabuki, they could escalate their defamation of 75 million and more good Americans as “QNut Traitors and Insurrectionists!”

One doesn’t have to take too deep a dive into the Twitter sewer to see the rage that continues, and the zealot’s fervor is of such intensity, it can only set the stage for the standard next step in any Communist takeover, namely mass murder.

Now all the conservatives are painted as “enemies of the people,” that tried to “overthrow democracy” (without guns,) and are all trying to kill grandma by “refusing” to accept their shots!

As the borders are now cracked open and hot cases, without any vaccine mandates are shipped around the country with a special priority on “red States,” there’s new cover for all the illness that’s already becoming apparent by those who made themselves from sheep to “lab rats,” by playing into the end game of the CCP and their global cabal accomplices that now fully control our White House.

Meanwhile, even local news runs the most vile form of propaganda that literally mocks the newly deceased for having expressed a skeptical view about the experimental MRNa therapy branded “vaccine.”

So keeping with the divide and conquer, the Democrats now stack more into their ever expanding list to deflect blame of every real and imaginary problem on the counterrevolutionary Republicans. We are now the “QNut, Fascist, Unvaxxed, AntiVax, Insurrectionist Traitors that want Grandma dead!”

And this rage has them on a manic course of conflicting emotions as they process whether their latest Plandemic victims should be mourned or mocked based on rather specific criteria.

However many ways the left are programmed to hate America and the good Americans that tried to save her, the “Q” remains front and center in their rage against the “dangerous conspiracy theories,” and also a basis for an increasingly open push for censorship to “solve” the next “Q” before it happens.

Of course cognitive dissonance is a lifestyle for the left, so the irony of calling everyone else “conspiracy theorists” appears to be lost, and even when reminded they simply cover ears and eyes and shout more insults and obscenities.

Some have found a way to turn the whole Q tantum against the left by rubbing their noses in the foil hat they’ve been wearing proudly for several years.

©2021 WarOnPress

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