Why are There No Mass Vaccinations for Invading Illegals?

April 15, 2021
Updated February 5, 2023

Natural News proposes an answer that cannot be shared directly into any of the censored Social Media Monopolies.

Vaccines us but not for our replacements. FULL ARTICLE

The above may seem an outrageous theory, but it aligns neatly with well published goals of the NWO being promoted by the criminal United Nations. There’s also suppressed evidence that COVID outbreaks are happening all around the border, farmlands and Home Depots. It’s important to note that the criminals that hijacked the US government cannot legally even offer the COVID “vaccines,” unless they sustain an “emergency.” They are not FDA approved nor is any expected until 2023.

So the invitation of unwashed hoards stored in horrid conditions with zero regard for “social distancing,” is as essential to the corrupted government’s PlanDEMic objectives as it is to satisfy their globalist replacement migration objectives. And Natural News simply adds the “mass murder by vaccination” component to the equation which, if proven true, would also be in perfect service to these nefarious goals.

Note, one should not attempt to share any Natural News links to Twitter nor Facebook since it could result attacks on accounts, and the attempt to post will be hit with errors.

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Twitter actively blocks all Natural News, Mercola, and even some content from bitchute such as the above expose on a potential game changer with respect to the recent rigged election.
Now the left go through a manic cycle between crying and laughter depending upon a specific set of circumstances on the deaths caused by their PlanDEMic.
Democrats Come Out Against COVID Vaccine Mandates for Illegal Migrants
Nightmare unfolding in Queensland while their top quack threatens that they’re opening borders to bring in COVID positive “vaccinated” and that everyone will be exposed!

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