Must Watch: Dr. Peter McCullough States Concerns on Most Dangerous “Vaccine” in History

September 10, 2021

In response to wild violations of 1st Amendment directed at Dr. Mercola, all his articles now self destruct within 48 hours of posting. The embedded video in this one is a must watch. We will look for a way to preserve the video to keep available here.

Social Media Taliban prevents direct sharing from Mercola’s website to “FashBook” and Twitter, so this post serves as a vessel by which to deliver this essential information to any friends you care to save or help save themselves from the worst and most serious form of “cancellation.”

Mercola Article with Video.

Note that as this nightmare unfolds globally, the poor victims that went from sheep to lab rats will, at first, blame the “unvaccinated,” and then, once it becomes more obvious what’s going on, Trump for his “rushed vaccine development” program.

No mention will be made of the equal efforts he made in the realm of therapeutics that the left also mocked, and stifled while the vaccine development that started before the gain of function research on the bioweapon used to sell the shots, went full speed ahead.

Warning: Sharing the above image on FB has led to 30 day account suspensions. Apparently the fact checkers agree the photo is legitimate, but believe it “implies” that they were there for something but casual followup on H1N1 related business.

Alternate Link for Video

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