COVID “Vaccine” WhistleBlower CENSORED by Facebook and Instagram

September 21, 2021

The murderous criminals of the Social Media monopolies are censoring this very Project Veritas video of factual reporting as “dangerous disinformation” that, ironically they claim will result in “harm.”

Veritas has encouraged downloading and independent sharing to get this essential life saving information out in spite of the nefarious wishes of Social Media Taliban to promote ignorance and harm by, what to date, is the most dangerous shot to ever be marketed as “vaccine,” much less forced on our children in violation of Nuremberg Code.

Ultimately, 100% of mass media liar and Social Media manipulators have blood on their hands and should face the same consequences as those found guilty of the same crime during Nuremberg Trials.

Sharing the video, now still on Youtube will result in takedowns and potential consequences to your Instagram or Facebook accounts, but, to date, it this article can be safely shared with the maximum risk of it being incorrectly tagged as “spam.” Please share generously to those who have not yet submitted themselves to the shot, and also to those who may subject this harm on their own children, and through fascistic school policies, on the children of others.

More on the specific reasons this shot, incorrectly branded as “vaccine” is extremely dangerous.

Doctor’s presentation of facts.

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