Media Mind Control Makes Many Americans Far More Confident Than the “Vaccine” Makers

September 12, 2021

After learning the hard way that sharing content directly from one Facebook account to a page, group or personal timeline can result in a 30 day suspension, I’ve decided to embed this one here for safer sharing.

Even that doesn’t guarantee safety since one WarOnPress article has resulted in “violations” for “spam” on two occasions.

Here there’s a clear presentation of lawmakers that are more responsible than our own (in Argentina and Brazil,) find themselves unable to appease the fascists at Pfizer without making extraordinary sacrifice of their own populations as was easily accomplished here in the United States.

This presentation shows that those indoctrinated by politicians, media, fake experts and Marxist “teachers” have far more confidence in the most dangerous “vaccine” ever offered than the manufacturers.

Meanwhile, the final hope for our nation rests in the hands of criminals that run California and are already rigging the election to reinstate the horrid Newsom privilege against what would otherwise be the “First Black Governor” of California.

Larry Elder affirms medical autonomy and opposes fascistic mandates, while the inept and corrupt NWO stooge Newsom will, once the recall is destroyed by fraud, press forward with his destructive and murderous agenda with renewed exuberance.

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While 10,000 and more deaths that apparently resulted from the most dangerous “vaccine” ever offered, there was a time when just 3 deaths would halt a vaccination program.

NY TIMES – Swine Flu Program Halted in 9 States as 3 Die After Shots.

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