As We Predicted, The Unfolding Vax Horrors are being Blamed on Trump!

August 27, 2022

We had done our best to save leftists from themselves by our own practice of referring to the most dangerous shots to ever by fraudulently marketed and even forced as “vaccine,” as “Trump Vax.

In our experience all whom we tried to rescue belligerently credited everything of these wildly dangerous products as “Biden’s Vaccine,” assigning him full credit for the massive rollout the global conspirators running Big Pharma only permitted to commence after the stolen election.

As the great Tucker Carlson presents, the new “blame Trump” movement amounts to a mildly dark cloud with a brilliantly shiny silver lining, since, as it’s now deemed harmful to Trump, we may now freely exercise open discussion of the great harm done by Pfizer’s, Moderna’s shoddy products. Of course this revelation won’t keep Democrat mayors and governors from kicking children from school for declining jabs were never even suggested to provide them a benefit. But when taking into account their dark motives of destroying ability to ever make families of their own, it’s no surprise that they’d be comfortable getting as many more children while simultaneously blaming Trump for their own crimes against children and humanity.

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